HDFC Infinia Credit Card vs Axis Bank Magnus Credit CardHDFC Infinia Credit Card vs Axis Bank Magnus Credit Card

HDFC Infinia Credit Card vs Axis Bank Magnus Credit Card

The HDFC Infinia Credit Card is renowned as a premier option among the super-premium credit cards available in India. In a comparable realm, the Axis Bank Magnus card presents enticing attributes, further enhanced by its newly introduced milestone perks. Interestingly, both cards carry an identical annual fee of Rs. 12,500.

Comparison b/w HDFC Infinia Credit Card and Axis Bank Magnus Credit Card

HDFC Infinia Credit Card:

1. Welcome Bonus: New card members receive a one-time bonus of 12,500 Reward Points upon joining, contingent on payment of the membership fee.
2. Earning Reward Points:
  • Earn 5 Reward Points for every Rs. 150 spent, excluding fuel purchases.
  • Special categories offer higher rewards: 10x on hotel bookings, 5x on flight/bus tickets, Apple store purchases, and 3x on Flipkart spends via SmartBuy.
  • Daily and monthly capping of 15,000 Reward Points apply to SmartBuy Portal earnings.
3. Membership Benefits:
  • Enjoy a complimentary one-year Club Marriott hotel loyalty program membership.
  • Access domestic/international airport lounges with a complimentary Priority Pass membership.
  • Unlimited free access to select global golf destinations.
  • Receive a 2+1 complimentary night stay at partner ITC hotels.
  • Avail a 1+1 buffet on weekends at partner ITC hotels and a 25% discount at over 200 partner restaurants.
4. Insurance Coverage: Comprehensive coverage includes overseas medical emergencies, air accident death insurance, credit shield, and credit liability coverage.
5. Concierge Services: 24×7 global concierge service assists with restaurant bookings, hotel reservations, and gift deliveries worldwide.
6. Foreign Currency Benefits: Enjoy a lower foreign currency mark-up fee of only 2% of the transaction amount.
7. Invite-Only and Eligibility: The HDFC Infinia Credit Card is an exclusive, invite-only offering with no income-based eligibility criteria specified by the bank.

Axis Bank Magnus Credit Card:

1. Welcome Benefit: Receive a voucher worth Rs. 12,500 for Luxe, Yatra, or Postcard Hotels upon joining the card membership.

2. Earning Edge Reward Points:

  • Earn 12 Axis Bank Edge Reward Points for every Rs. 200 spent.
  • Get 5x Edge Reward Points on travel expenses through the Edge Rewards Portal.

3. Milestone Benefit: Obtain 25,000 Bonus Edge Reward Points (equivalent to Rs. 5,000) as a milestone benefit by spending a minimum of Rs. 1 lac per month (effective from 1st Feb 2022).

4. Redemption Options:

  • Redeem Axis Bank Edge Reward Points for products and shopping vouchers on the EdgeRewards portal at a rate of 1 Point = Rs. 0.20.
  • Transfer Edge Points to partner Airlines and Hotels like Etihad Airways Club ITC, Marriott Bonvoy, Singapore Airlines, Spice Jet, etc., at a ratio of 5:4.

5. Lounge Access: Enjoy unlimited domestic airport lounge access and 8 complimentary international airport lounge visits annually with a complimentary Priority Pass membership.

6. Entertainment and Dining Benefits:

  • Avail BOGO offer on movie tickets via BookMyShow with a max discount of Rs. 500 on the second ticket.
  • Get a 25% discount at over 2,000 restaurants with a complimentary Dine Out Passport membership.

7. Medical Benefits: Access complimentary medical services such as medical concierge, virtual health assistance, second opinions from medical practitioners, and preventive health packages from leading labs.

8. Insurance Coverage: Benefit from a comprehensive insurance policy, covering air accidental, purchase protection, credit shield, credit liability, and lost/delayed baggage.

9. Concierge Services: Utilize 24×7 concierge services for assistance with hotel/flight bookings, restaurant reservations, and gift deliveries.

10. Foreign Transactions: Enjoy lower markup fees on foreign currency transactions, lower interest rates, and zero cash withdrawal fees.

11. Eligibility: To qualify for an Axis Bank Magnus Credit Card, individuals must have an annual income of at least Rs. 18 lakhs.

Comparison of Fees and Charges for HDFC Infinia and Axis Bank Magnus Credit Cards

HDFC Infinia Credit Card:

  • Membership cost: Rs. 12,500 per year, with additional taxes.
  • Waiver opportunity: Annual membership fee waived for those with a minimum expenditure of Rs. 10 lakhs in the previous year.

Axis Bank Magnus Credit Card:

The annual membership fee is Rs. 12,500, and it is subject to applicable taxes.
To qualify for a waiver of the annual membership fee, a minimum expenditure of Rs. 15 lakhs in the preceding year is required.

Which credit card suits you best?

  1. HDFC Infinia and Axis Bank Magnus Credit Cards Offer Exceptional Advantages for Cardholders.
  2. For those seeking a super-premium credit card with the highest reward rate and a monthly spend of at least Rs. 1 lac, Axis Bank Magnus Credit Card is recommended.
  3. Axis Bank Magnus Credit Card offers a superior reward rate for monthly spends exceeding Rs. 1 lac.
  4. If your preference is a credit card with premium travel and dining perks, along with a decent reward rate, HDFC’s Infinia Credit Card is worth considering.
  5. HDFC Infinia Credit Card offers complimentary 2+1 night stays and 2+1 buffets at partner ITC hotels.
  6. Additionally, Infinia Card allows you to earn Reward Points at an impressive 10x reward rate on SmartBuy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Distinguishing Features of HDFC Infinia and Axis Bank Magnus Credit Cards

  • HDFC Infinia and Axis Bank Magnus credit cards differ in terms of benefits, rewards, features, and associated privileges.

2. Which card offers a higher joining bonus?

  • The joining bonuses for HDFC Infinia and Axis Bank Magnus credit cards can vary. It is advisable to check the latest offers from both banks.

3. What are the reward point earning structures for each card?

  • Maximizing Benefits: Unveiling Varied Reward Point Earning Structures of HDFC Infinia and Axis Bank Magnus Credit Cards across Spending Categories.

4. Are there charges annually linked to these credit cards?

  • Both credit cards may have annual fees. It’s important to compare and evaluate these fees against the benefits provided to determine the overall value.

5. Do these credit cards offer lounge access, and if so, what is the extent of coverage?

  • Both cards typically provide lounge access, but the number of lounges and the associated terms may differ. Review the details to understand the lounge access offered by each card.

6. Are there any limitations or restrictions on reward point redemption?

  • Each card may have specific terms and conditions regarding reward point redemption. Check for any limitations or restrictions to make an informed decision.

7. What are the distinct travel perks provided by HDFC Infinia and Axis Bank Magnus credit cards?

  • Assess the travel-related perks such as air miles, hotel discounts, or travel insurance offered by both credit cards to determine which aligns better with your needs.

8. Can I convert purchases into EMI with these credit cards, and what are the associated interest rates?

  • Understand the EMI conversion options for both cards and the applicable interest rates to manage your finances effectively.

9. Are there any foreign transaction fees associated with these credit cards?

  • Check for foreign transaction fees and currency conversion charges for international usage, and compare them to make an informed decision if you frequently travel abroad.

10. How do the insurance coverages differ between HDFC Infinia and Axis Bank Magnus credit cards?

  • Compare the insurance coverages provided by each card, including features like medical emergency coverage, travel insurance, and other relevant aspects.

11. How do the customer service experiences and worldwide acceptance levels compare across different credit cards?

  • Evaluate the customer service reputation and global acceptance of both HDFC Infinia and Axis Bank Magnus credit cards to ensure convenience and support.

12. Which card is better for dining and lifestyle benefits?

  • Assess the dining offers, lifestyle privileges, and entertainment benefits provided by each card to choose the one that aligns with your preferences and lifestyle.

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