Central Bank of India Credit Card Customer Care Number

Central Bank of India, among India’s oldest and largest government-owned banks, offers diverse customer support channels. Inquire about all bank products, including credit cards, through these accessible options.

Central Bank of India Credit Card Customer Care on SMS

Type of Service SMS to be sent to 9967533228
For blocking all cards linked to mobile LOST
For blocking specific card no. LOST<space> Card no.
For blocking card in the specific account LOST <space> Account no.

Central Bank of India Email Address

Central Bank of India Credit Card Enquiries

In the event of your credit card being stolen or lost, it is imperative to promptly notify the bank’s customer care department. Upon registering the loss, the bank’s customer care team will take immediate action to block your card, safeguarding it from unauthorized use.

To report the loss, please contact the customer care hotline at 1800 110 001 or send an email to [email protected], which is designated for all digital transaction-related inquiries, complaints, and assistance.

Central Bank of India Credit Card Grievance Redressal

  • The Central Bank of India, being government-owned, ensures an efficient grievance redressal process for various issues. This process operates across different tiers.
  • At the first level, customers engage with the bank’s customer care department to address their concerns.
  • If satisfaction isn’t achieved, customers may escalate the matter to the branch manager via email or phone, constituting the second level.
  • Should the branch manager not provide a suitable solution, the grievance is elevated to the branch’s Nodal Officer, promising resolution within 15 days.
  • In cases where the Nodal Officer’s resolution is unsatisfactory, the issue advances to the Central Office’s Nodal Officer.
  • Subsequently, if the customer remains dissatisfied, the complaint is forwarded to the bank’s Internal Ombudsman, appointed by the Reserve Bank of India, to investigate and address the matter.

Central Bank of India Nodal Officer Contact Details

Area of Operation
Name of Nodal officer
Contact Number
Mr. KN Mistry
B.B. Sharma
Shri Surinder Kumar
Mr. D.K. Haloi
Shri Vijay Kapoor
Mr. A.K. Tomer
Mr. K.P. Singh
Mr. Atul Sinha
Mr. G.C. Dewangan
Mr. P.K. Sinha
Akhileshwar Singh


1. What is the Central Bank of India Credit Card Customer Care Number?
The customer care number for Central Bank of India credit cards is 1800 22 1911.

2. How can I reach Central Bank of India’s credit card customer support?
You can contact their customer support by dialing the provided customer care number.

3. Are customer care services available 24/7?
Yes, Central Bank of India’s credit card customer care operates round the clock for your convenience.

4. What information should I have ready when calling customer support?
Have your credit card details, account information, and your query or issue details ready for a smoother experience.

5. Can I inquire about transactions, balances, or report a lost/stolen card through customer care?
Absolutely, you can get assistance with these and other credit card-related concerns.

6. What if I’m not satisfied with the resolution at the first level of customer care?
If your issue isn’t resolved, you can escalate it to higher levels, including the branch manager and Nodal Officer.

7. How long does it take for grievance resolution with Central Bank of India’s credit card customer care?
Typically, grievances are resolved promptly, but more complex issues may take additional time.

8. Is there an Internal Ombudsman for unresolved complaints?
Yes, unresolved issues can be referred to the bank’s Internal Ombudsman, appointed by the Reserve Bank of India, for further investigation.

9. Are there any charges for contacting customer care?
Contacting customer care may be toll-free, but it’s advisable to check with your service provider for any applicable charges.

10. Can I contact customer care through email or chat?
Central Bank of India might offer email support or chat services in addition to phone support. Check their website for details.