City Union Bank Credit Card Customer Care

City Union Bank’s customer care service provides a range of options for customers seeking assistance or resolution of issues related to their savings account, current account, personal loan, credit card, or other financial products. Customers can access these services through methods such as missed calls, contacting the customer care number, or submitting written queries to the bank. This ensures that customers have diverse channels to address their concerns and receive necessary support for various banking matters.

City Union Bank Credit Card Customer Care on SMS

  1. To block CUB net login, City Union Bank customers can send an SMS with the content “BLOCK” to +91-9281056789.
  2. This action is permissible only from the customer’s registered mobile number.

City Union Bank Email Address

For addressing any concerns related to your City Union Bank credit card, you have the option to send an email to the designated address, which is [email protected]. This allows you to seek redressal and assistance for any issues specifically pertaining to your credit card.

City Union Bank Credit Card Enquiries

City Union Bank offers a range of services and features for its credit cardholders. If you have inquiries related to your City Union Bank Credit Card, you can typically get information on the following:

1. Balance Enquiry:

  • Check the outstanding balance on your credit card.

2. Transaction Details:

  • Inquire about recent transactions made on your credit card.

3. Credit Limit Information:

  • Know the available credit limit on your card.

4. Reward Points:

  • Obtain details about the reward points earned and redemption options.

5. Billing Statements:

  • Request duplicate statements or inquire about your billing history.

6. Card Block/Unblock:

  • Report a lost or stolen card and request the blocking or unblocking of the card.

7. PIN Generation/Regeneration:

  • Generate a new PIN for your credit card or regenerate it if needed.

8. Card Activation:

  • Activate a newly received credit card.

9. Upgrade/Downgrade Request:

  • Inquire about the possibility of upgrading or downgrading your credit card.

10. Contact Information Update:

  • Update your contact details associated with the credit card account.

City Union Bank Credit Card Grievance Redressal

There exist two levels of addressing grievances related to your credit card concerns. These comprise:

Level 1: Grievance Redressal:

  • Contact customer care using the provided number.
  • Register your complaint online via the bank’s website, including account number, name, and details of the issue.
  • The online form is accessible at

Level 2: Grievance Redressal:

  • If Level 1 does not resolve your issue, reach out to the Principal Officer for Complaints and Redressal.
  • Contact Shri K. Maharajan, General Manager, Inspection Vigilance and Audit, City Union Bank Ltd., No. 24 B, Gandhi Nagar, Kumbakonam – 612 001.
  • Communication options include telephone (0435-2402322), fax (0435-2431746), and email ([email protected]).

City Union Bank Nodal Office Contact Details

Addressed as the Principal Officer for Complaints and Redressal, Sri. K. Maharajan, who holds the position of General Manager in Inspection Vigilance and Audit at City Union Bank Ltd., can be reached at the following contact details:

  • Address:
    No.24 B, Gandhi Nagar,
  • Telephone:
    Tel: 0435-2402322
  • Fax:
    Fax: 0435-2431746
  • Email:
    E-mail: [email protected]

Write to City Union Bank

Feel free to send your correspondence to the administrative office of the bank at the following address:

City Union Bank Ltd.,
“Narayana” 24B, Gandhi Nagar,
Kumbakonam – 612 001

FAQs on City Union Bank Credit Card Customer Care Number

1. What is the City Union Bank Credit Card Customer Care Number?

The customer care number for City Union Bank Credit Card : National Toll Free No. 1800 425 1515(24×7), landline No. 040 – 2468 3210.

2. How Can I Contact City Union Bank Credit Card Customer Care?

You can contact City Union Bank Credit Card customer care by dialing the customer service number provided on the official website or on the back of your credit card. Alternative contact methods, such as email or online chat, may also be available.

3. What Services Does City Union Bank Credit Card Customer Care Provide?

City Union Bank Credit Card customer care offers assistance with various services, including card activation, balance inquiries, reporting lost or stolen cards, transaction disputes, and general account information.

4. How Can I Report a Lost or Stolen City Union Bank Credit Card?

If your City Union Bank Credit Card is lost or stolen, promptly report it to customer care. You can usually find the specific number for reporting lost or stolen cards on the bank’s official website or on your credit card.

5. Can I Check My Credit Card Balance through Customer Care?

Yes, you can check your City Union Bank Credit Card balance by contacting customer care. The representative will guide you on how to access your account balance and recent transactions.

6. Are There Different Customer Care Numbers for Different City Union Bank Credit Cards?

City Union Bank may have different customer care numbers for various types of credit cards or different regions. Always check the specific customer care number associated with your particular card or location.