ixigo AU Bank Credit Card

AU Small Finance Bank introduces its inaugural co-branded travel credit card in collaboration with ixigo. The ixigo AU Credit Card, available at a modest joining fee of Rs. 999, focuses on delivering exclusive travel perks. To offset the joining fees, a Rs. 1,000 transaction within the first 30 days is all it takes. Additionally, annual renewal charges can be waived with Rs. 1 lakh in yearly expenditures. The card encompasses domestic and international airport lounge access, as well as railway lounge privileges.

Designed to cater to avid travelers, the card facilitates seamless journeys across the country. While the international lounge access is limited to one, the card presents numerous advantages and discounts for those exploring India. Notably, users can enjoy an accelerated earning of 20 Reward Points for train bookings made through ixigo.

Features and Benefits of ixigo AU Bank Credit Card

The ixigo AU Credit Card offers several features and benefits:

1. Joining Benefits:

  • Earn 1000 reward points and ixigo money vouchers (Rs.1000) on the first successful transaction within 30 days of card issuance.

2. Travel Booking Benefits:

  • 10% discount (up to Rs.1000) on flight bookings.
  • 10% discount (up to Rs.300) on bus bookings.
  • 5% off (up to Rs.1000) on hotel bookings.
  • Waived PG charges on train bookings.
  • Offer applicable once a month, exclusively through the ixigo platform.

3. Auto Assist:

  • Roadside repair, emergency fuel supply, flat tire service, battery service.

4. Rewards:

  • 20 reward points on every Rs.200 spent on ixigo train bookings.
  • 10 reward points on every Rs.200 spent online.
  • 5 reward points on every Rs.200 spent offline.

5. Lounge Access:

  • One complimentary lounge access annually.
  • 16 complimentary domestic airport and railway lounge accesses annually.

6. Low Forex Mark-up Fee:

  • 1.99% mark-up fee on international purchases.

7. Fuel Surcharge Waiver:

  • 1% surcharge waiver on fuel transactions (₹400 to ₹5,000) at all Indian fuel stations.

8. Card Cover Liability:

  • Zero liability on fraudulent transactions post-reporting loss.
  • Card shield worth Rs.1.5 lakh.

9. Contactless Card Usage:

  • No PIN required for transactions up to Rs.5000.

10. EMI Facility:

  • Convert spendings of Rs.2000 or more into easy EMIs.

11. Add-On Cards:

  • Facility for additional credit cards.

ixigo AU Credit Card Fees and Charges

Explore the fee structure for the ixigo AU Bank Credit Card and discover the financial advantages that come with it.

  1. The credit card incurs an annual fee of Rs.999 plus applicable taxes.
  2. If you spend Rs.1000 within the initial 30 days of card issuance, the annual fee is waived.
  3. Alternatively, the fee is also waived for the next year if you spend Rs.1 lakh in the preceding year.

Eligibility Criteria for ixigo AU Credit Card

  1. Age eligibility: Applicants must fall within the age range of 21 to 60.
  2. Residency requirement: Eligible individuals must be residents of India.
  3. ixigo registration: Prospective cardholders need to be registered on the ixigo platform.
  4. Add-on card age limit: Add-on cardholders must be 18 years or older.

Documents Required for ixigo AU Bank Credit Card

1. Essential documents for ixigo AU credit card application include:

  • PAN card
  • Aadhaar card
  • Driving licence
  • Voter ID card
  • Passport

2. Salaried individuals must provide:

  • Bank statement for the last three months
  • Salary slips for the last three months

3. Self-employed applicants should submit:

  • Latest copy of Income Tax Return (ITR)

How To Apply for ixigo AU Credit Card?

Follow these steps to apply for the ixigo AU Bank Credit Card online:

  1. Gather required documents: PAN card, Aadhaar card, driving licence, voter ID card, passport.
  2. If salaried, include bank statement (last 3 months) and salary slips (last 3 months).
  3. If self-employed, provide the latest copy of Income Tax Return (ITR).
  4. Visit the ixigo AU Bank website.
  5. Locate the credit card application section.
  6. Fill in personal details and upload necessary documents.
  7. Review the application and submit.
  8. Await approval and follow up as needed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: What is the ixigo AU Credit Card?

The ixigo AU Bank Credit Card is a co-branded credit card offering benefits for travel enthusiasts, provided in collaboration with AU Bank.

Q2: How can I apply for the ixigo AU Bank Credit Card?

Visit the ixigo AU Bank website, locate the credit card section, fill in personal details, upload required documents, and submit the application.

Q3: What documents are needed for the credit card application?

Required documents include PAN card, Aadhaar card, driving licence, voter ID card, passport. Salaried individuals need bank statements and salary slips; self-employed individuals require the latest ITR.

Q4: What benefits does the ixigo AU Credit Card offer?

Specific benefits may vary, but typical features include travel-related perks, reward points, discounts, and exclusive offers for ixigo users.

Q5: How can I track my credit card application status?

Check the application status through the ixigo AU Bank website or contact customer support for updates on the credit card approval process.

Q6: Is there an annual fee for the ixigo AU Credit Card?

Refer to the terms and conditions for details on fees, including annual charges, joining fees, and any other applicable costs.

Q7: Can the credit card be used internationally?

Check with AU Bank for details on the international usability of the ixigo AU Bank Credit Card and any associated charges for foreign transactions.

Q8: How do I redeem the reward points earned on the credit card?

Explore the redemption options available on the ixigo AU Bank website, where you can exchange accumulated reward points for various offers and benefits.

Q9: What should I do in case of a lost or stolen credit card?

Immediately report the loss to AU Bank’s customer support to block the card. Follow their guidance for card replacement and security measures.

Q10: Are there specific eligibility criteria for the ixigo AU Credit Card?

Eligibility criteria typically include age, income, and credit score requirements. Check the specific criteria outlined by AU Bank for accurate information.