AU Bank Zenith+ Credit Card

AU Bank introduces the exclusive AU Bank Zenith Plus Credit Card, catering to avid travelers and big spenders with a Rs. 4999 joining fee. Enjoy a welcome bonus of Rs. 5000 in gift vouchers from luxury brands like Taj Hotels and Michael Kors. The card offers a competitive reward rate, earning 2 RPs per Rs. 100 on dining, international, and travel expenses, and 1 RP elsewhere. Achieve a complimentary Taj Epicure Membership by spending Rs. 12 Lakhs annually. Additionally, relish perks like 16 complimentary lounge accesses, free golf rounds, and BOGO movie tickets. Elevate your lifestyle with AU Bank Zenith Plus.

Key Highlights of AU Bank Zenith+ Credit Card

Unlock unparalleled benefits with the AU Bank Zenith+ Credit Card.

  1. Welcome Benefit: Receive luxury brand gift vouchers worth Rs. 5000.
  2. Rewards Points: Earn 1 RP per Rs. 100 spent; get 2 RPs on international, dining, and travel expenses.
  3. Bonus RPs: Earn 1000 RPs on monthly spends of Rs. 75,000.
  4. Taj Epicure Membership: Enjoy complimentary membership on spending Rs. 12 Lakhs annually.
  5. Lounge Access: Access 16 complimentary domestic and international lounges.
  6. Movie Tickets: Receive 16 complimentary movie tickets per year (max 4 per quarter).
  7. Dining Discounts: Enjoy a 30% discount on the Silver Spoon Dining program.
  8. Forex Benefits: Benefit from a low forex markup fee of 0.99% on transaction amounts.

Features and Benefits of AU Bank Zenith+ Credit Card

The AU Bank Zenith+ Credit Card offers several features and benefits:

1. Welcome Benefit:

  • Receive welcome vouchers worth Rs. 5000 from luxury brands like Taj Hotels, Tata Cliq, Michael Kors, or opt for 5000 RPs.
  • Activate through AU 0101 Mobile App/Net banking, call 1800 1200 1500, or Chatbot AURO.

2. Milestone Benefits:

  • Bonus 1000 RPs on spending Rs. 75,000.
  • Complimentary Taj Epicure Membership on Rs. 12 Lakhs spend, offering discounts on dining, spa, salon, and exclusive stay vouchers.

3. Renewal Benefit:

  • Earn 5000 RPs upon card membership renewal from the second year onwards.

4. Reward Earning Rate:

  • Earn 2 RPs per Rs. 100 spent.
  • 2 RPs per Rs. 100 on travel, dining, and international spends.

5. Travel Benefits:

  • 16 international and domestic lounge accesses annually with Priority Pass and credit card.
  • Complimentary meet and greet services four times per year.

6. Golf Benefits:

  • Enjoy eight complimentary golf rounds or lessons per year.

7. Movie and Dining Benefits:

  • 16 Buy One Get One movie tickets annually.
  • Up to 30% discount at partner restaurants with the Silver Spoon dining program.

8. Insurance Benefits:

  • Air Accident Cover up to INR 2 Crore.
  • Card Liability Cover up to INR 15 Lakhs.
  • Credit Shield up to INR 15 Lakhs.
  • Purchase Protection up to INR 50,000.
  • Additional travel-related covers.

9. Other Additional Benefits:

  • Complimentary device protection plan.
  • Concierge services.
  • 1% fuel surcharge waiver, max Rs. 1000 per statement cycle.

AU Bank Zenith+ Credit Card Fees and Charges

Explore the fee structure for the AU Bank Zenith+ Credit Card and discover the financial advantages that come with it.

  1. Annual Cost: Rs. 4999 + taxes, but renew for free by spending Rs. 8 Lakhs annually.
  2. Interest Rate: 1.99% per month or 23.8% per annum.
  3. Forex Advantage: Enjoy a minimal 0.99% forex markup for international transactions.
  4. Cash Advance: Fee is 2.5% of the amount or a minimum of Rs. 100.

Eligibility Criteria for AU Bank Zenith+ Credit Card

Here are essential criteria for applying for an AU Bank Zenith+ Credit Card:

  1. Applicant age: Individuals applying must be between 21 and 60 years old, while add-on cardholders need to be at least 18 years old.
  2. Residency requirement: Applicants must be Indian residents.
  3. Income criteria: A minimum net monthly income of Rs. 2.5 Lakhs is necessary for eligibility.

How to apply for AU Bank Zenith+ Credit Card

Follow these steps to apply for the AU Bank Zenith+ Credit Card online:

  1. Visit the Official Website:
    Go to the official website of AU Bank. Look for the credit card section or navigate to the specific page for the Zenith+ Credit Card.
  2. Explore Card Details:
    Familiarize yourself with the features, benefits, fees, and eligibility criteria associated with the Zenith+ Credit Card. Ensure that the card aligns with your financial needs and lifestyle.
  3. Check Eligibility:
    Verify your eligibility based on income, age, and other criteria set by AU Bank. Make sure you meet the requirements before proceeding with the application.
  4. Online Application Form:
    Complete the online application form. You’ll need to provide personal information, contact details, employment details, and financial information.
  5. Upload Documents:
    Upload the necessary documents as per the bank’s requirements. This may include proof of identity, address, income, and other supporting documents.
  6. Review Application:
    Before submitting, carefully review the information provided in the application form. Ensure accuracy and completeness to avoid delays in processing.
  7. Submit Application:
    Once satisfied, submit the application online. The bank will then initiate the verification process.
  8. Application Processing:
    AU Bank will review your application, check your creditworthiness, and verify the documents submitted. This may take some time.
  9. Application Status:
    You can check the status of your credit card application online through the bank’s website or by contacting their customer service.
  10. Receive Card:
    If your application is approved, you will receive the AU Bank Zenith+ Credit Card at the address provided in your application.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is AU Bank Zenith+ Credit Card?

AU Bank Zenith+ Credit Card is a premium credit card offered by AU Small Finance Bank. It comes with a range of features and benefits designed to enhance your lifestyle, providing you with rewards, discounts, and exclusive privileges.

2. How can I apply for AU Bank Zenith+ Credit Card?

You can apply for the AU Bank Zenith+ Credit Card online through the bank’s official website or by visiting a branch. The application process typically involves filling out a form and providing necessary documentation as per the bank’s requirements.

3. What are the key features of AU Bank Zenith+ Credit Card?

The key features may include rewards program, cashback offers, travel benefits, lounge access, insurance coverage, and exclusive discounts on partner merchants. The specifics may vary, so it’s advisable to check the latest terms and conditions.

4. What is the eligibility criteria for AU Bank Zenith+ Credit Card?

Eligibility criteria may include age, income, credit score, and other factors. The specific requirements are set by AU Bank, and you can find them on the bank’s official website or by contacting their customer service.

5. What is the credit limit on AU Bank Zenith+ Credit Card?

The credit limit is determined based on various factors such as your income, credit history, and the bank’s internal policies. The assigned credit limit will be communicated to you upon approval of your credit card application.

6. How can I check my AU Bank Zenith+ Credit Card balance?

You can check your credit card balance through the bank’s online banking portal, mobile app, or by contacting the customer service helpline. Additionally, monthly statements will provide a detailed breakdown of your transactions and outstanding balance.

7. Is there an annual fee for AU Bank Zenith+ Credit Card?

Credit card fees, including the annual fee, may apply. Check the terms and conditions or contact the bank’s customer service for the most up-to-date information on fees and charges associated with the Zenith+ Credit Card.

8. What rewards and benefits are offered with AU Bank Zenith+ Credit Card?

AU Bank Zenith+ Credit Card may offer rewards such as cashback, reward points, and exclusive discounts on dining, shopping, and travel. The specific benefits can be found in the credit card brochure or on the bank’s website.

9. How can I redeem reward points earned on AU Bank Zenith+ Credit Card?

Typically, reward points can be redeemed through the bank’s rewards program platform, either online or through the mobile app. The redemption options may include merchandise, vouchers, or statement credit. Refer to the bank’s guidelines for the redemption process.

10. Is there a customer service helpline for AU Bank Zenith+ Credit Card?

Yes, AU Bank provides customer service support for credit card inquiries and assistance. You can find the customer service contact details on the bank’s website or on the credit card statement.