ICICI Bank HPCL Super Saver Credit Card

The ICICI HPCL Super Saver Credit Card is a collaborative fuel credit card that provides excellent fuel advantages while also featuring special offers for groceries and departmental stores. Although the 5% fuel cashback is quite attractive, the limitation of being able to redeem these fuel benefits exclusively at HPCL fuel stations may be considered a drawback when evaluating it against other fuel credit cards in the market. Continue reading for more details about this card.

Key Highlights of ICICI Bank HPCL Super Saver Credit Card

  • Card Type: Entry-level credit card.
  • Best Suited For: Ideal for those looking to save on fuel expenses.
  • Joining Fee: Rs. 500.
  • Annual Fee: Rs. 500.
  • Welcome Benefit: Receive 2,000 reward points and Rs. 100 cashback on the HP Pay app upon card activation.
  • Best Feature: Enjoy a significant 4% cashback on all fuel expenditures made at HPCL fuel pumps, making it a lucrative choice for those who frequently fill up their vehicles.

Features and Benefits of ICICI Bank HPCL Super Saver Credit Card

Here are the features and benefits of the ICICI HPCL Super Saver Credit Card:

1. Welcome Benefits:

  • Receive 2,000 Reward Points when you pay the membership fee within 2 months of card activation, provided you spend a minimum of Rs. 5,000 within the first 45 days.
  • Get a cashback of Rs. 100 in your HP Pay app wallet after making the first transaction of at least Rs. 1,000 using the app.

2. Fuel Transactions:

  • Enjoy a total benefit of 5% on your fuel purchases, including a 4% cashback and a 1% fuel surcharge waiver at all HPCL filling stations across India.

3. Travel Benefits:

  • Access 1 complimentary domestic lounge visit every quarter at major airports in India through the Visa Domestic lounge program. To qualify for this benefit, spend a minimum of Rs. 5,000 in the previous quarter.

4. Movie and Dining Benefits:

  • Avail a 25% discount (up to Rs. 100 per transaction) on movie tickets when booking through BookMyShow and Inox, each with a maximum of two redemptions per month.
  • Enjoy exclusive discounts at partner restaurants through the ICICI Bank Culinary Treats Programme.

5. Spends Based Waiver:

  • The annual card membership fee is waived if your annual spending on the card reaches Rs. 1.5 lakh in the preceding year.

6. Road Assistance Service:

  • Benefit from a complimentary 24×7 Road Assistance Service (RAS) that includes over-the-phone assistance, on-site vehicle repair, key replacement for lost or locked keys, flat tire support, and more.

ICICI Bank HPCL Super Saver Credit Card Fees and Charges

  1. Joining Fee: Rs 500 plus Goods and Services Tax (GST) is applicable at the time of card issuance.
  2. Annual Fee (Second Year Onwards): In the second year and beyond, the annual fee is Rs 500 plus GST. However, this fee can be waived if cardholders spend Rs 1,50,000 or more on the card during a year.
  3. Supplementary Card Fee: Rs 100 is charged for each supplementary card added to the account.
  4. Overdue Interest: A monthly interest rate of 3.50% (equivalent to 42% annualized) is applicable on extended credit and cash advances if payments are not made on time.
  5. Annual Fee Reversal: If the total spends on the ICICI Bank HPCL Super Saver Credit Card reach or exceed Rs 1,50,000 during an anniversary year, the annual fee for the subsequent year will be reversed. However, if the total spends fall below Rs 1,50,000 during an anniversary year, the annual fee will not be reversed for the following year.

ICICI Bank HPCL Super Saver Credit Card Eligibility

  • Minimum age requirement: Applicants must be at least 21 years old.
  • Stable income source: Applicants should demonstrate a consistent and stable source of income.
  • Decent credit score: A satisfactory credit score is essential for approval.

Documents Required for ICICI Bank HPCL Super Saver Credit Card

To complete your ICICI Bank HPCL Super Saver Credit Card application, you’ll need to submit several documents, including:

1. Address Evidence:

  • Aadhar Card
  • Utility bills (dated within the last three months)
  • Passport, and more.

2. Identity Proof:

  • Aadhar Card
  • Voter’s ID
  • Driver’s license
  • PAN Card
  • Passport
  • Any other valid identification document.

3. Income Proof:

  • For salaried employees: Salary slip or bank statement.
  • For self-employed individuals: The most recent Income Tax Return (ITR).

How to apply for ICICI Bank HPCL Super Saver Credit Card ?

  1. Visit ICICI Bank’s website to access the specific page for the ICICI Bank Coral Credit Card.
  2. On the card’s page, complete the online application form provided.
  3. Ensure you have the necessary documents ready, which typically include identity and address proof for Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements.
  4. Additionally, prepare proof of your income, such as salary slips or an Income Tax Return (ITR) acknowledgment.
  5. Submit the online application along with the required documents.
  6. Alternatively, you have the option to apply offline by visiting your nearest ICICI Bank branch.
  7. At the bank branch, request and fill out the offline application form for the ICICI Bank Coral Credit Card.
  8. Make sure to bring all the essential documents with you when applying offline to facilitate the process.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the ICICI Bank HPCL Super Saver Credit Card?

The ICICI Bank HPCL Super Saver Credit Card is a co-branded credit card offered by ICICI Bank in partnership with Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited (HPCL). It provides users with benefits such as fuel savings, reward points, and exclusive privileges.

2. How can I apply for the ICICI Bank HPCL Super Saver Credit Card?

You can apply for the card online through the ICICI Bank website or by visiting a nearby ICICI Bank branch. The application process usually involves filling out a form, providing necessary documents, and undergoing a credit assessment.

3. What are the key features of the ICICI Bank HPCL Super Saver Credit Card?

The key features include fuel surcharge waivers, accelerated reward points on fuel spends, dining benefits, and exclusive discounts. Cardholders can also enjoy additional benefits such as airport lounge access and discounts on movie tickets.

4. How does the fuel surcharge waiver work on this credit card?

The ICICI Bank HPCL Super Saver Credit Card provides a fuel surcharge waiver at HPCL fuel stations. This means that when you use the card for fuel transactions at HPCL outlets, you can enjoy a waiver on the standard fuel surcharge.

5. What are the reward points and how can I earn them with this credit card?

Cardholders earn reward points on various transactions, with accelerated points on fuel spends. The accumulated reward points can be redeemed for a range of options, including merchandise, vouchers, and more. Details on the reward points system can be found in the card’s terms and conditions.

6. Are there any annual fees associated with the ICICI Bank HPCL Super Saver Credit Card?

The annual fees and other charges are mentioned in the terms and conditions provided by ICICI Bank. It’s advisable to review these details before applying for the card.

7. How can I check my credit card statement and track my expenses?

ICICI Bank provides online banking services, allowing cardholders to access their credit card statements, track expenses, and manage their accounts through the official website or mobile app.

8. What are the additional benefits of the ICICI Bank HPCL Super Saver Credit Card?

The card may offer additional benefits such as discounts on dining, entertainment, and travel. Some variants of the card may also provide complimentary airport lounge access.

9. Can I convert my purchases into EMI using this credit card?

Yes, ICICI Bank often provides the option to convert high-value purchases into easy monthly installments (EMIs) at a competitive interest rate. The terms and conditions for EMI conversion can be obtained from the bank.

10. How can I contact ICICI Bank for queries related to my HPCL Super Saver Credit Card?

ICICI Bank provides customer care services through phone, email, and in-branch assistance. The contact details are usually available on the official website and on the back of the credit card.