IndusInd Bank Legend Credit Card

The IndusInd Legend credit card offers fantastic advantages for frequent travelers and points enthusiasts. With attractive rewards and bonus features, it’s perfect for maximizing benefits, especially through Air Miles redemption. Additionally, cardholders enjoy premium perks like Priority Pass Program access and a low forex markup fee of only 1.8%. It’s an appealing choice for those wanting a top-tier credit card without high annual fees.

Key Highlights of IndusInd Bank Legend Credit Card:

  • Card Type: Super-premium
  • Ideal for: Lifestyle and Travel Enthusiasts
  • Joining Fee: Rs. 9,999 (Waived when applied through Paisabazaar)
  • Renewal Fee: None
  • Highlight: Earn significant reward points, convertible into partner airline Miles at a 1:1 ratio, making travel benefits exceptionally rewarding.

Features and Benefits of IndusInd Bank Legend Credit Card

  1. Super-premium Card: The Legend Credit Card is designed for high-net-worth individuals, offering a symbol of prestige and luxury.
  2. Lifestyle and Travel Perks: This card is ideally suited for those who enjoy a lavish lifestyle and frequent travel, with benefits like airport lounge access, golf privileges, and concierge services.
  3. Joining Fee Waiver: You won’t have to pay the Rs. 9,999 joining fee if you apply through Paisabazaar, which increases accessibility to the service.
  4. No Renewal Fee: Cardholders are granted the benefit of having no renewal fee, guaranteeing continuous value without any extra charges.
  5. Reward Points: Get significant reward points for your day-to-day spending, helping you build up points rapidly.
  6. Miles Conversion: The standout feature is the ability to convert earned reward points into Miles on partner airlines at an impressive 1:1 ratio, which enhances the value of your rewards, especially for frequent flyers.
  7. Redemption Options: You can exchange these reward points for a range of luxurious experiences, travel arrangements, and shopping vouchers, giving you the freedom to enjoy your earned perks in various ways.
  8. Global Acceptance: The Legend Credit Card from IndusInd Bank provides widespread global acceptance, ensuring you enjoy unparalleled convenience and luxury wherever your travels take you.
  9. Enhanced Security: The card is equipped with cutting-edge security measures, ensuring protection from both fraud and unauthorized transactions.
  10. Exclusive Events: Cardholders may gain access to exclusive events and experiences, further elevating their lifestyle.
  11. Dedicated Customer Support: Take advantage of tailored customer support services designed to help with any questions or needs related to your card.

IndusInd Bank Legend Credit Card Fees and Charges

  • Joining Fee: Rs. 5,000
  • Annual Fee: None
  • Add-on Card Fee: None
  • Finance Charges: At a rate of 3.83% monthly, which equates to an annual rate of 46%, the interest accrues.
  • Late Payment Fees:
  1. Nil for outstanding balances up to Rs. 100
  2. Rs. 100 for balances from Rs. 101 to Rs. 500
  3. Rs. 350 for balances from Rs. 501 to Rs. 1,000
  4. Rs. 550 for balances from Rs. 1,001 to Rs. 10,000
  5. Rs. 800 for balances from above Rs. 10,001 to Rs. 25,000
  6. Rs. 1,100 for balances from Rs. 25,001 to Rs. 50,000
  7. Rs. 1,300 for balances above Rs. 50,000
  • Over Limit Charges: 2.5% of the over-limit amount, with a minimum charge of Rs. 500
  • Returned Cheque Fee: Rs. 250
  • Cash Advance Charges: Waived
  • Balance Enquiry Charge: Rs. 25
  • Foreign Currency Markup: 1.8%

Eligibility criteria for the IndusInd Bank Legend Credit Card

  1. Age: Applicants are typically required to be within a certain age range, often between 21 to 65 years. This can vary by the bank’s policy.
  2. Income: To qualify for a premium credit card like this one, applicants often need to demonstrate a high income level. The exact income requirement may differ, but it’s usually substantial.
  3. Credit Score: A strong credit history and a high credit score are typically prerequisites for premium credit cards. A good credit score showcases your creditworthiness and your ability to manage credit responsibly.
  4. Residency: Applicants may need to be residents of India and provide proof of residence.
  5. Employment: Typically, maintaining a consistent stream of earnings, whether through a job, freelance work, or business profits, is essential.
  6. Existing Relationship with the Bank: Certain banks might prioritize individuals who already have accounts or are existing customers. It could be advantageous to maintain accounts or utilize other financial services offered by IndusInd Bank.
  7. Credit Card Usage: A demonstrated history of responsible credit card usage can be a plus.

Documents Required for IndusInd Bank Legend Credit Card

The precise paperwork needed for the IndusInd Bank Legend Credit Card might differ based on your unique situation and the bank’s current regulations during the application process. Nevertheless, typically, you’ll need to furnish the subsequent documents:

1. Proof of Identity:

  • Passport
  • Aadhar card
  • Voter ID card
  • Driver’s license
  • PAN card

2. Proof of Address:

  • Aadhar card
  • Utility bill (electricity, water, gas, etc.)
  • Bank statement
  • Rental agreement (if applicable)
  • Passport (with current address)

3. Proof of Income:

  • Salary slips (for salaried individuals)
  • Income tax returns (ITR)
  • Form 16 (for salaried individuals)
  • Business/profit and loss statement (for self-employed individuals)
  • Recent bank statements (showing regular income deposits)

How to apply for IndusInd Bank Legend Credit Card

  1. Visit the IndusInd Bank website.
  2. Navigate to the “Products” section and select “Cards.”
  3. Choose the “Credit Card” option.
  4. Opt for the “Legend Credit Card.”
  5. Complete the online application form, providing your personal, financial, and employment details.
  6. Submit the necessary documents, such as proof of identity, address verification, and income proof.
  7. Allow the bank to review your application and conduct a credit assessment.
  8. After your application is approved, the bank will contact you to guide you through the card activation process.
  9. Once your card is activated, you’ll be able to access the wide array of benefits and rewards provided by the IndusInd Platinum Visa Credit Card.

For those who prefer an offline application, you can visit any IndusInd Bank branch, where you’ll be able to complete a physical application form.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) –

  1. What distinguishes the IndusInd Bank Legend Credit Card?

The IndusInd Bank Legend Credit Card stands out as a premier offering, providing an array of exclusive advantages spanning travel perks, lifestyle privileges, and premium services.

  1. How can I initiate the application process for the IndusInd Bank Legend Credit Card?

To apply for the Legend Credit Card, you can either visit the official IndusInd Bank website or drop by a nearby branch. Application options may also extend to phone banking services for added convenience.

  1. What standout features does the Legend Credit Card boast?

The Legend Credit Card encompasses a myriad of benefits, including complimentary access to airport lounges, comprehensive travel insurance, personalized concierge services, reward points on transactions, and bespoke lifestyle perks. For the latest features, refer to the official website or brochure.

  1. What are the associated annual fees for the Legend Credit Card?

The annual fees and related charges may vary. For precise and current information, it’s advisable to consult the updated fee structure on the official IndusInd Bank website or reach out to their customer service.

  1. How does the reward points system function with the Legend Credit Card?

With each eligible transaction, the Legend Credit Card typically earns reward points, which can be amassed and redeemed for a diverse range of rewards, including merchandise, travel bookings, or statement credits. Refer to the card’s terms and conditions for detailed information on the reward program.

  1. What travel perks accompany the Legend Credit Card?

Travel benefits often include complimentary airport lounge access, travel insurance coverage, and discounts on hotel bookings. Due to potential variations, it’s recommended to review the card’s documentation for precise details.

  1. How can I monitor my Legend Credit Card balance and transactions?

Tracking your Legend Credit Card balance and transactions is effortless through the IndusInd Bank online banking portal, mobile app, or by contacting customer service.

  1. Is there dedicated customer support available for Legend Credit Card queries?

IndusInd Bank extends a customer support helpline for addressing any queries concerning your Legend Credit Card. You can typically find the contact details on the official website or the back of your credit card.

  1. What are the options for settling my Legend Credit Card bill?

Payment options for your Legend Credit Card bill include online banking, mobile banking, ATMs, cash payments at bank branches, or auto-debit facilities. Check with the bank for the most convenient method tailored to your needs.

  1. Are there any supplementary charges or fees linked to the Legend Credit Card?

Additional charges, such as late payment fees, cash withdrawal fees, and foreign transaction fees, may apply. Ensure to review the card’s terms and conditions or reach out to customer service for a comprehensive understanding of the fee structure.