In June of this year, SBI and FABindia collaborated to introduce a co-branded credit card, expanding the State Bank’s extensive collection of such cards, which already includes offerings like Max SBI Card Select and LifeStyle Home Centre SBI Card Prime. This new card offers unique advantages for FABindia patrons, granting them direct entry to the Platinum tier of the FABfamily membership and providing enhanced Reward Points when shopping at FABindia stores. Additionally, cardholders enjoy complimentary membership to Priority Pass and receive four free domestic lounge accesses annually.

Key Highlights of FABindia SBI Card SELECT

  1. Fabindia gift voucher valued at Rs. 1,500.
  2. Platinum tier Fabfamily membership included.
  3. Receive a Rs. 1,250 gift voucher from popular brands upon spending Rs. 2 lakh in a calendar quarter.
  4. Earn 10 Reward Points for every Rs. 100 spent at Fabindia stores.
  5. Earn 3 Reward Points per Rs. 100 spent on dining, movies, and entertainment.
  6. Get 2 Reward Points for every Rs. 100 spent on all international transactions.
  7. Earn 2 Reward Points for every Rs. 200 spent on all other transactions.
  8. Enjoy 4 complimentary domestic lounge accesses, with a maximum of 1 per quarter.
  9. Receive complimentary Priority Pass program membership valid for 24 months.
  10. Avail a 1% fuel surcharge waiver on transactions up to Rs. 3,000, capped at Rs. 100 per month.

Features and Benefits of FABindia SBI Card SELECT

The FABindia SBI Card SELECT offers several features and benefits:

1. Welcome Benefits:

  • Receive Fabindia gift vouchers worth Rs.1,500 upon card activation.
  • Gain direct access to Platinum Tier Fabfamily Membership.

2. Milestone Benefits:

  • Obtain a gift voucher worth Rs.1,250 from popular brands by spending Rs.2 lakh in a quarter.
  • Choose a voucher from Aditya Birla Fashion, Yatra, Urban Ladder, or Hush Puppies/Bata.
  • Enjoy the waiver of the annual fee upon spending Rs.2 lakh on your card.
  • Earn a maximum fuel surcharge waiver of Rs.100 every month.

3. Reward Points:

  • Earn 10 reward points for every Rs.100 spent at any Fabindia store.
  • Accumulate 3 reward points for every Rs.100 spent on movies, entertainment, and dining.
  • Gain 2 reward points for every Rs.100 spent on international transactions.
  • Receive 2 reward points for every Rs.200 spent on other categories.

4. Travel Benefits:

  • Access Complimentary Priority Pass Membership.
  • Enjoy one complimentary domestic airport lounge access every quarter.

FABindia SBI Card SELECT Fees and Charges

Explore the fee structure for the FABindia SBI Card SELECT and discover the financial advantages that come with it.

  1. Membership Fee: Rs 1499 plus applicable taxes
  2. Welcome Bonus: Receive a Rs 1500 Fabindia Gift Voucher upon joining or renewing
  3. Membership Tier: Enjoy the benefits of the Platinum Tier Fabfamily Membership
  4. Renewal Incentive: Renewal Fee Waiver granted upon spending Rs 2 Lakhs in a membership year

Eligibility Criteria for FABindia SBI Card SELECT

SBI has not specified any particular eligibility requirements for the card. Nevertheless, they offer a tool named Simplyfier on their portal to help you identify the SBI credit card that aligns most effectively with your requirements.

How To Apply for FABindia SBI Card SELECT?

Follow these steps to apply for the FABindia SBI Card SELECT:

Online Application:

  1. Access the provided link: https://www.sbicard.com/en/personal/credit-cards/shopping/fab-india-sbi-card-select.page.
  2. Complete the required fields on the main page, including title, name, email ID, mobile number, and city of residence.
  3. Click on ‘Verify with OTP’ to receive and enter the One-Time Password (OTP) sent to your mobile number.
  4. Authorize the bank to contact you regarding your credit card application by ticking the designated box.
  5. Finally, click on ‘Apply Now’ to submit your online application.

Offline Application:

  1. Visit your nearest SBI branch.
  2. Bring all necessary documents and a duly filled application form for the Fab India SBI Card Select.
  3. Submit the documents and application form to a bank representative at the branch.
  4. Receive assistance from the bank representative to complete the application process.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) –

1. What is the FABindia SBI Card SELECT?

The FABindia SBI Card SELECT is a credit card offered in collaboration between FABindia and State Bank of India (SBI). It comes with specific features and benefits tailored to meet the needs of cardholders.

2. What are the key features of the FABindia SBI Card SELECT?

The card offers exclusive features such as rewards, discounts, and privileges specifically designed for FABindia customers. It may include cashback, loyalty points, and other perks.

3. How can I apply for the FABindia SBI Card SELECT?

You can apply for the card through the official website of SBI or FABindia. The application process usually involves filling out an online form and submitting necessary documents.

4. What eligibility criteria are required for the FABindia SBI Card SELECT?

Specific eligibility criteria, such as age, income, and credit score, may apply. It is advisable to check the official terms and conditions or contact the issuing bank for detailed eligibility requirements.

5. Is there an annual fee for the FABindia SBI Card SELECT?

Details regarding annual fees, if any, can be found in the terms and conditions provided by the issuing bank. Some credit cards may have an annual fee, while others may offer a waiver under certain conditions.

6. What benefits does the FABindia SBI Card SELECT offer for shopping at FABindia stores?

The card may provide special discounts, cashback, or loyalty points for transactions made at FABindia outlets. Check the specific terms and conditions to understand the benefits associated with shopping at FABindia using this card.

7. Can I track my transactions and manage the FABindia SBI Card SELECT online?

Yes, most credit card issuers provide online platforms or mobile apps where cardholders can track transactions, view statements, and manage their card accounts conveniently.

8. Are there any travel benefits associated with the FABindia SBI Card SELECT?

Travel benefits, such as air miles, lounge access, or travel insurance, may be offered. Review the card’s features to understand the travel-related perks it provides.

9. How do I contact customer support for the FABindia SBI Card SELECT?

You can find the customer support contact details on the official website of SBI or contact the bank directly for assistance with any card-related queries or issues.

10. What should I do if my FABindia SBI Card SELECT is lost or stolen?

In case of a lost or stolen card, immediately contact the SBI credit card customer care service helpline to report the incident. Most banks have 24/7 helplines for such emergencies.