How to Close AU Bank Credit Card

Although credit cards provide financial ease, handling them can pose difficulties. At times, opting for a new credit card with superior benefits may seem appealing. In such cases, it becomes essential to cancel or close the existing credit card. Thankfully, the cancellation procedure is simple and helps avoid unnecessary fees for unused cards.

Different Ways to Close Your AU Bank Credit Card Account:

  1. Letter Termination:
    • Compose a letter directed to AU Small Finance Bank, specifically to their Credit Card Division, expressing your desire to cancel your credit card membership.
    • Location: Situated on the third floor of Hall C within Sunny Junction STC, the address is at New Atish Market, Jaipur, Rajasthan 320020.
    • Mail the letter using postal services.
  2. Customer Care Call:
    • Reach out to the customer service hotline provided by AU Small Finance Bank.
    • Notify them about your choice to cancel the credit card.

Things to Check Before Closing Your AU Bank Credit Card:

  1. Review Latest Statement:
    • Thoroughly review the latest credit card statement with attention to detail.
  2. Avoid Usage Before Cancellation:
    • Refrain from using the card just before initiating the cancellation process.
  3. Redeem Reward Points:
    • Utilize any accumulated Reward Points before cancellation.
  4. Clear Outstanding Balances:
    • Ensure there are no pending outstanding amounts on the credit card.

How to Reactivate a Closed AU Bank Credit Card:

  1. Contact AU Bank:
    • Reach out to AU Bank’s customer service or credit card department.
    • Inquire about the process and requirements for reactivating a closed credit card.
  2. Provide Necessary Information:
    • Be prepared to provide your personal details, such as name, address, and account number.
    • Additional information or documentation may be required to confirm your identity.
  3. Clear Outstanding Dues:
    • Make sure to settle any remaining balances on the card before closing it.
    • Make necessary payments to bring the account up to date.
  4. Agree to Terms:
    • Please carefully review and accept any terms and conditions related to the reactivation of the credit card before proceeding.
    • This may include agreeing to any applicable fees or charges.
  5. Await Confirmation:
    • Once you’ve completed all the required procedures, await confirmation from AU Bank regarding the reactivation status of your credit card.
    • It may take some time for the process to be completed.
  6. Activate the Card:
    • Once reactivation is confirmed, follow any instructions provided by AU Bank to activate the card.
    • This could require either dialing a specific phone number or accessing your account via the internet.
  7. Update Usage:
    • After the card has been reactivated, you can continue to use it for transactions just like before.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. How do I go about canceling my AU Bank credit card?
    • You can close your AU Bank credit card by either sending a letter to AU Bank’s Credit Card Division or by calling their customer care number.
  2. What information should be included in the letter to close my AU Bank credit card?
    • Please ensure that your letter contains the following elements: your full name and current address, your AU Bank credit card number, and a direct and unambiguous statement indicating your intention to close the credit card account.
  3. What address should I use to send the closure letter for my AU Bank credit card?
    • The designated location to mail your closure letter is at AU Small Finance Bank’s Credit Card Division, situated on the 3rd Floor Hall C of Sunny Junction STC, in New Atish Market, Jaipur, Rajasthan 320020.
  4. Is there a particular procedure to adhere to when requesting the closure of my AU Bank credit card via telephone?
    • Certainly, if you’re looking to close your credit card over the phone, you’ll need to get in touch with AU Bank’s customer service hotline and adhere to their guidance on closing your credit card account.
  5. Will I be charged a fee for closing my credit card with AU Bank?
    • Normally, closing an AU Bank credit card doesn’t entail any charges. Yet, it’s wise to check your card agreement or reach out to customer service for confirmation.
  6. After you’ve closed your AU Bank credit card, what steps should you take next?
    • Once you’ve decided to close your credit card, it’s crucial to completely dismantle the physical card. Cut it into four separate pieces, ensuring each section contains parts like the magnetic chip, card chip, and hologram. This ensures that all essential components are rendered unusable and cannot be reconstructed.
  7. Is it possible for me to reactivate a previously closed AU Bank credit card account?
    • Reactivating a closed AU Bank credit card account could be feasible, although the specific steps and criteria for reinstatement may differ. To initiate the process, reaching out to AU Bank’s customer service is essential for guidance and support.
  8. If I close my AU Bank credit card, will it have an impact on my credit score?
    • Shutting down a credit card account may affect your credit score, especially if it lowers your total available credit or raises your credit utilization ratio. It’s wise to think about how this could potentially impact your credit score before making the decision to close the account.
  9. What’s the timeframe for handling the closure of my AU Bank credit card?
    • The duration required to close a credit card account can fluctuate. Generally, it could range from a few days to several weeks for the closure process to be completed and validated by AU Bank.