How to Close ICICI Bank Credit Card

If individuals discover that different credit cards suit their financial requirements more effectively, they may choose to transition to those options. As a result, they might opt to cease using their existing credit card. For customers who wish to cancel their ICICI Bank credit cards, the bank provides a straightforward procedure. Here are several approaches that cardholders can employ to end or shut down their ICICI Bank credit cards.

Steps to Close Your ICICI Bank Credit Card Account:

  1. Cancellation Form:
    • Download the cancellation form from
    • Provide essential details such as credit card number, add-on card number, reason for cancellation, city, mobile number, and email ID.
    • Complete the cancellation form either online or by sending it to ICICI Bank Limited at the designated addresses.
    • After submission, expect a confirmation call from a bank representative to verify the cancellation request.
    • The cancellation process will commence and be finalized within 7 business days upon confirmation.
  2. Call Customer Service:
    • Call the toll-free number 1860 120 7777 for ICICI Bank credit card assistance.
    • Request cancellation or closure of the credit card over the phone.

Things to Check Before Closing Your ICICI Bank Credit Card:

  1. Payment of Outstanding Balance:
    • Guarantee the complete settlement of the remaining balance along with any outstanding installment payments.
    • Bank won’t process cancellation if balance is not cleared, and reminders will be sent.
  2. Redeem Reward Points Before Closure:
    • Utilize unredeemed reward points for products or discounts before closing the card.
  3. Avoid Using the Card Before Closure:
    • Avoid using your credit card until you’ve started the cancellation process to prevent any new charges from accruing.
  4. Check for Fraudulent Transactions Before Cancellation:
    • Check your recent statements carefully to spot any transactions that you didn’t authorize. This helps prevent you from being charged for fraudulent activities.

Impact on CIBIL Score:

Cancelling or closing a credit card may affect the CIBIL score, especially if it reduces the overall credit limit, leading to higher credit utilization.

How to Reactivate a Closed ICICI Bank Credit Card:

  • Call toll-free customer service number 1860 120 7777 to reactivate.
  • Complete necessary documentation and authentication requirements specified by the bank before reissuing the card.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. How do I close my ICICI Bank credit card?
  • Closing your ICICI Bank credit card is straightforward. You have two options: either fill out a cancellation form found on the bank’s website or call the toll-free number dedicated to ICICI Bank credit cards.
  1. What details are necessary for closing my ICICI Bank credit card?
  • When closing your ICICI Bank credit card, you’ll typically be asked for your credit card number, any add-on card number (if applicable), reason for cancellation, city of residence, mobile number, and email address.
  1. Is there a specific form required to close an ICICI Bank credit card?
  • Yes, there is. You can access the cancellation form from the ICICI Bank website, complete it with the required information, and then either submit it online or send it to the designated addresses mentioned on the form.
  1. How long does it take to process a cancellation request for an ICICI Bank credit card?
  • Upon submission of the cancellation form and confirmation from a bank representative, the cancellation request usually takes about 7 business days to process.
  1. Is it possible to cancel my ICICI Bank credit card via telephone?
  • Certainly, you can initiate the closure process by dialing the toll-free number dedicated to ICICI Bank credit cards.
  1. Should I settle my remaining dues prior to shutting down my ICICI Bank credit card?
  • Yes, it’s recommended to settle any outstanding balance and pending EMIs before initiating the cancellation process. Failing to do so might result in the cancellation request being rejected.
  1. What should be my course of action regarding the reward points accumulated on my ICICI Bank credit card prior to closing it?
  • Before closing your ICICI Bank credit card, it’s wise to redeem any unused reward points. You can utilize these points for various products or discounts in accordance with the bank’s rewards program.
  1. Can I continue using my ICICI Bank credit card after initiating the cancellation process?
  • It’s best to avoid using your credit card once the cancellation process has begun to prevent incurring new charges and complicating the closure process.
  1. Will closing my ICICI Bank credit card impact my credit score?
  • Closing a credit card could potentially affect your credit score, particularly if it reduces your total credit limit and increases your credit utilization rate. However, if you have only one ICICI credit card, the impact may be minimal.
  1. How can I reopen a closed or cancelled ICICI Bank credit card?
  • To reactivate a closed or cancelled ICICI Bank credit card, simply contact the bank’s toll-free customer service number. You’ll need to fulfill any necessary documentation and authentication requirements specified by the bank before the card can be reissued.