How to Close or Block IDBI Credit Card

In the unfortunate event of losing your IDBI Bank credit card or suspecting it to be stolen, it’s crucial to take immediate action to prevent unauthorized usage. IDBI Bank offers multiple methods to block or hotlist your card, ensuring the security of your finances.

Steps to Block Your IDBI Credit Card Account:

  1. Blocking via Net Banking: Access your net banking account and navigate to the ‘Cards’ section. Select ‘Credit Card Hotlisting’ and choose the specific card you wish to block. Provide the necessary details and reason for hotlisting, if required. Confirm the action by entering your Transaction Password. Upon completion, you’ll receive confirmation via email and SMS.
  2. Blocking through Mobile Application: Utilize the Abhay Card Control Application available for both Android and iOS devices. Log in to your mobile banking account and locate the ‘Credit Card Hotlisting’ option. Enter your card details and submit the request.
  3. Blocking via Customer Care: If unable to access net banking or the mobile app, contact IDBI Bank’s customer care. Call the digital channel blocking hotline at 1800226999 (toll-free) or phone banking numbers at 18002094324 or +9122-67719100 (chargeable). Request the representative to block your card.

Additionally, you can report unauthorized transactions and request card blocking through the bank’s website at

  1. Blocking via SMS: Send an SMS in the format: BLOCK [Customer ID] to 5676777 (e.g., BLOCK 12345678 to 5676777).

These methods offer efficient ways to block your IDBI Bank credit card promptly. Timely reporting of card loss or theft is vital to prevent potential misuse and safeguard your finances.

Things to Check Before Closing or Blocking Your IDBI Credit Card:

Before closing or blocking your IDBI credit card, it’s essential to ensure that you’ve addressed all necessary considerations to avoid any inconvenience or potential issues. Here are some important things to check before taking this step:

  1. Outstanding Balances: Make sure there are no pending balances or transactions on your credit card. Clear any outstanding dues to avoid complications during the closure process.
  2. Auto-Payments: If you have any recurring payments or subscriptions linked to your credit card, ensure that you’ve updated the payment method or canceled these arrangements to prevent interruptions in services.
  3. Reward Points: Check if you have accumulated any reward points on your credit card. Ensure that you’ve redeemed or transferred these points as per the bank’s guidelines, as they might be forfeited upon card closure.
  4. Linked Accounts: Verify if your credit card is linked to any other accounts, such as savings or investment accounts. Ensure that you’ve updated these linkages or made alternative arrangements to avoid disruptions in banking services.
  5. Automatic Billing: If you’ve authorized any merchants for automatic billing using your credit card, notify them of the impending closure or provide an alternative payment method to prevent payment failures.
  6. Annual Fees and Charges: Review your credit card’s terms and conditions to understand if there are any annual fees or charges applicable upon closure. Clear any dues associated with these fees to avoid penalties.
  7. Pending Transactions: Check for any pending transactions that have not yet reflected in your statement. It’s advisable to wait for these transactions to be processed before initiating the closure or blocking process.
  8. Linked Services: If your credit card is linked to additional services such as insurance or loyalty programs, ensure that you’ve addressed any related requirements or obligations before closing the card.
  9. Alternative Payment Options: Evaluate alternative payment methods or credit cards that meet your financial needs. Ensure that you have access to alternative means of payment before closing or blocking your IDBI credit card.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. How do I deactivate or prevent use of my IDBI credit card?
  • To deactivate or prevent use of your IDBI credit card, you have several options available. You can do this through net banking, mobile banking apps, customer service, SMS, or by visiting a branch.
  1. Is it possible to deactivate my IDBI credit card online?
  • Certainly, you can deactivate your IDBI credit card online using the bank’s net banking platform or mobile banking app.
  1. What details are required to deactivate or block my credit card?
  • To deactivate or block your credit card, you’ll typically need to provide your credit card number, reason for deactivation or blocking, personal identification details, and transaction passwords for verification purposes.
  1. Are there any charges associated with deactivating or blocking my IDBI credit card?
  • IDBI Bank may impose certain fees for deactivating or blocking a credit card, depending on the terms and conditions applicable to your card. It’s recommended to review the fee structure in advance.
  1. How long does it take to deactivate or block an IDBI credit card?
  • The timeframe for deactivating or blocking your IDBI credit card can vary depending on the method chosen and the bank’s processing time. Generally, it can take anywhere from a few hours to several business days to complete the request.
  1. What happens to any outstanding balance if I deactivate my credit card?
  • Even if you deactivate your credit card, you’re still responsible for settling any outstanding balance. You’ll need to clear any remaining dues according to the bank’s guidelines.
  1. Can I reopen a previously closed IDBI credit card later on?
  • Under certain circumstances and subject to the bank’s policies and eligibility criteria, it might be feasible to reopen a closed IDBI credit card.
  1. How can I confirm the successful deactivation or blocking of my IDBI credit card?
  • Once your request to deactivate or block your IDBI credit card is processed, you should receive confirmation through email, SMS, or the respective banking channels used for the request.
  1. Is it possible to temporarily block my IDBI credit card?
  • Yes, IDBI Bank might provide the option to temporarily block your credit card, often termed as a “freeze” or “suspension” feature. This can be useful in situations such as misplacing your card or suspecting unauthorized usage.
  1. What steps should I take if there are unauthorized transactions on my IDBI credit card before blocking it?
  • If you detect any unauthorized transactions on your IDBI credit card before blocking it, it’s crucial to promptly report them to the bank’s customer service or through designated channels for resolving fraudulent activity.