How to Close RBL Bank Credit Card

RBL Bank provides a variety of credit cards with various advantages. Yet, if customers find they’re not utilizing the card or if the annual fee is burdensome, they may consider canceling it.

You have two options to cancel your RBL Bank credit card: either offline or online. However, it’s crucial to remember that closing a credit card might have an impact on your credit score.

Steps to Close Your RBL Bank Credit Card Account:

  1. Impact on Credit Score:
    • Closing the credit card could potentially lower your credit score.
    • Shortening of credit history may occur, affecting your creditworthiness.
  2. Redeem Reward Points:
    • Ensure redemption of accumulated reward points before cancellation to avoid loss.
  3. Settle Outstanding Bills:
    • Clear any pending bills or dues to prevent issues after cancellation.

Things to Check Before Closing Your RBL Bank Credit Card:

  • Ensure all outstanding dues on the RBL Bank credit card, such as EMIs, loans, and balance transfers, are fully settled before requesting cancellation.
  • Redeem any accumulated reward points associated with the credit card since they typically get canceled upon initiating the closure process.
  • Cancel any automated payments or subscriptions connected to the card prior to its termination to avoid future charges or complications.

Consequences of Closing Your Credit Card Account:

  1. Reduced total available credit: Closing a credit card account decreases the total amount of credit you have access to.
  2. Increased credit utilization ratio (CUR): With the same expenses as before the closure, your CUR will likely rise due to the reduced available credit.
  3. Shortened average credit history: If the closed credit card was old or your only credit line, your average credit history will significantly decrease.
  4. Negative impact on credit score: The combination of shortened credit history and increased CUR can lead to a drop in your credit score.
  5. Perception of being credit hungry: Implementing these alterations might give the impression that you’re striving for additional acknowledgment, thereby exacerbating the adverse impact on your creditworthiness.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. How can I close my RBL Bank credit card?
    • You can close your RBL Bank credit card through various methods including sending an email, contacting customer care, or visiting a bank branch.
  2.  What information do I need to provide to close my RBL Bank credit card via email?
    • When sending an email to RBL Bank to close your credit card, you need to provide your name, credit card expiry date, date of birth, and credit card number.
  3.  What are the email addresses I can use to close my RBL Bank credit card?
  4.  How do I contact RBL Bank’s customer care to cancel my credit card?
    • You can cancel your RBL Bank credit card by calling the customer care numbers:
      • For SuperCard: +91 22 7119 0900
      • For other cards: +91 22 6232 7777
  5.  Can I visit a bank branch to close my RBL Bank credit card?
    • Yes, you can visit the nearest RBL Bank branch to submit an application for closing your credit card. You’ll need to provide proof of identity and basic details.
  6. Will my credit score be affected if I decide to close my RBL Bank credit card?
    • Certainly, terminating your credit card could potentially affect your credit score. It’s wise to thoroughly contemplate the consequences prior to making any decisions regarding closure.
  7. What steps should I take once my RBL Bank credit card has been terminated?
    • Once your RBL Bank credit card has been terminated, it’s essential to cut it diagonally to thwart any potential misuse. Moreover, it’s advisable to thoroughly check your credit report to verify that the closure has been accurately recorded.
  8. Are there any charges linked with finalizing the closure of my RBL Bank credit card?
    • RBL Bank might impose a small fee when closing your credit card account. Before you start the closure process, it’s advisable to verify with the bank regarding any associated charges.