IDBI Bank Credit Card Customer Care Number

IDBI Bank credit cardholders have round-the-clock access to customer support for inquiries, concerns, and feedback. If you misplace your card, IDBI’s customer service is ready to promptly block it, offering assistance without delay. IDBI offers various contact options: toll-free helplines, SMS, and email. Additionally, customers can connect with the bank in person at branches or via postal mail.

For credit card assistance, feel free to contact us using either toll-free or tolled numbers provided below.

  • Call 1800 425 7600, a toll-free number, to instantly report your lost or stolen credit card and have it blocked.
  • Contact 022 4042 6013 (tolled) for credit card hotlisting.
  • To hotlist your credit card, call 1800 22 6999.
  • For tolled service, dial 022 67719100.

Additionally, for general inquiries, you can use these numbers:

  • 1800 209 4324
  • 1800 200 1947
  • 1800 22 1070

IDBI Bank Credit Card Customer Care on SMS

Customer support via SMS for IDBI Bank credit cardholders is accessible through IDBI Bank Credit Card Customer Care SMS Services.

  • Card Blocking: To prevent unauthorized use of a misplaced or stolen card, simply text “BLOCK [Your 16-digit Card Number]” to the provided SMS number.
  • Balance Inquiry: For card balance information, SMS “BAL [Your 16-digit Card Number]” to the specified SMS number.
  • Last Transaction Details: Obtain details of your last credit card transaction by sending an SMS “LAST [Your 16-digit Card Number]” to the provided SMS number.
  • Credit Limit: To verify your credit limit, send a text with “LIMIT [Your 16-digit Card Number]” to the designated SMS number.
  • Statement Request: Request your latest credit card statement by SMSing “STMT [Your 16-digit Card Number]” to the dedicated SMS number.

IDBI Bank Email Address

Prefer to communicate with the bank via email? Here’s a list of email addresses available for your use.

IDBI Bank Credit Card Enquiries

When contacting IDBI Bank’s credit card customer care for inquiries, you can ask about various aspects of your credit card account and seek solutions to common issues. Below are several typical questions and their corresponding potential answers:

1. Balance Inquiry:

  • Inquiry: “Can you provide me with the current outstanding balance on my credit card?”
  • Solution: The customer care representative will provide you with the up-to-date information on your outstanding balance.

2. Transaction Clarifications:

  • Inquiry: “I have a transaction on my statement that I don’t recognize. Can you provide details?”
  • Solution: The bank will investigate the transaction and provide you with details or initiate a dispute resolution process if necessary.

3. Credit Limit Increase:

  • Inquiry: “How can I request an increase in my credit card limit?”
  • Solution: The customer service agent will assist you in the steps to apply for a credit limit boost, usually requiring you to provide details about your income and finances.

4. Credit Card Application Status:

  • Inquiry: “What is the status of my credit card application?”
  • Solution: You will receive an update on the status of your credit card application, whether it’s approved, pending, or declined.

5. Bill Payment Assistance:

  • Inquiry: “I’m encountering difficulties with processing my credit card payment. Could you offer some assistance, please?”
  • Solution: The bank may offer options for making payments, such as setting up auto-debit or providing alternative payment methods.

6. Lost or Stolen Card Reporting:

  • Inquiry: “I’ve lost my credit card. What should I do?”
  • Solution: The customer service agent will assist you in both blocking your lost card and walking you through the steps to get a new one.

7. EMI Conversion:

  • Inquiry: “How can I convert my credit card purchases into EMIs?”
  • Solution: The bank will explain the EMI conversion process, terms, and interest rates.

8. Reward Points and Offers:

  • Inquiry: “Could you clarify how the reward points I’ve accumulated work, and could you also detail any current promotions or offers that are available?”
  • Solution: You’ll get updates on your accumulated reward points and any current special promotions available to you.

9. Card Activation and PIN Generation:

  • Inquiry: “I’ve received my new credit card. How do I activate it and generate a PIN?”
  • Solution: The representative will assist you in navigating through the activation process and generating your PIN.

10. Complaints and Disputes:

  • Inquiry: “I need assistance addressing an issue or concern with my credit card. What steps should I take to resolve it?”
  • Solution: The bank will provide information on the dispute resolution process and guide you through filing a formal complaint if necessary.

IDBI Bank Credit Card International Helpline Number

International IDBI credit cardholders can dial the subsequent number to address any credit card concerns:

+91 22 677 19100

IDBI Bank Credit Card Grievance Redressal

To ensure that your concerns are addressed effectively, IDBI has established a grievance redressal mechanism supported by an escalation process. Here is the step-by-step escalation matrix for addressing your concerns:

Level 1: Contact Customer Care

To begin resolving your concern, you can get in touch with IDBI’s customer care, visit a branch, drop an email, or send a letter to the bank. Make sure to include these crucial details:

  • Your full name.
  • Your credit card number.
  • Your contact details encompass various means of reaching out to you, such as your phone number, physical address, email address, and additional pertinent information.
  • If your complaint pertains to a specific transaction, include the transaction reference number.

Level 2: Escalate to Grievance Redressal Officer

  • If you do not receive a response within 8 business days of filing your complaint or if the response is unsatisfactory, you can escalate your concern to the Grievance Redressal Officer.
  • The Grievance Redressal Officer can be reached every weekday from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
    Contact Details of the Officer:

Name: Shri Gupta Banerjee, GM and GRO
Address: IDBI Bank Ltd., Credit Cards, RBG,
13th Floor, B Wing, IDBI Tower,
WTC Complex, Cuffe Parade,
Mumbai 400 005
Phone: 022 6655 2129

Level 3: Escalate to Principal Nodal Officer (PNO)

  • If your complaint remains unaddressed or is not satisfactorily resolved within 11 working days after registering the complaint, you can escalate it to the Principal Nodal Officer (PNO).
  • You can contact the PNO between 10:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. from Monday to Saturday, excluding the second and fourth Saturdays.
    Contact Details of the PNO:

Name: Smt. Jyati Chakraborthy, Principal Nodal Officer and General Manager
Address: IDBI Bank Ltd., Customer Care Centre,
19th Floor, D Wing, IDBI Tower,
WTC Complex, Cuffe Parade,
Mumbai 400 005
Phone: 022 6655 2143

Write to IDBI Bank

You also have the option to submit a written message to the bank to ensure your concerns are properly addressed. Address your letters to:

IDBI Bank Ltd.

IDBI Tower, WTC Complex,

Cuffe Parade,

Mumbai – 400 005.


1. What is the IDBI Bank Credit Card Customer Care Number?
The IDBI Bank Credit Card Customer Care Number is 1800-425-7600 (toll-free) and +91-22-4042 6013 for international customers.

2. At what time is it possible to reach out to IDBI Bank’s Credit Card Customer Care?
Feel free to reach out to IDBI Bank’s Credit Card Customer Care anytime, day or night. Their dedicated team is always on standby to help you address any questions or issues you may have regarding your credit card.

3. What benefits are accessible via the IDBI Bank Credit Card Customer Care hotline?
You can use the customer care number to inquire about your credit card balance, transaction details, report a lost or stolen card, request a card replacement, dispute unauthorized transactions, and get information about credit card statements.

4. How do I go about reporting the loss or theft of my IDBI Bank Credit Card?
To report a lost or stolen IDBI Bank Credit Card, call the customer care number (1800-425-7600 or +91-22-4042 6013 for international customers) immediately. The customer care team will guide you through blocking the card and issuing a replacement.

5. May I use this number to check on my credit card statement and recent transactions?
Yes, you can. IDBI Bank Credit Card Customer Care can provide information about your credit card statement, recent transactions, and help you understand your billing and payment details.

6. Do you have a distinct phone number specifically for customers calling from abroad?
Certainly! For international customers seeking assistance with their IDBI Bank Credit Card while abroad, a specific contact number is available: +91-22-4042 6013. Feel free to dial this number for support.

7. Can I raise disputes regarding unauthorized transactions with IDBI Bank Credit Card Customer Care?
Certainly. If you suspect any unauthorized transactions on your credit card, contact IDBI Bank Credit Card Customer Care immediately to report the issue. They’ll lead you step by step through resolving the dispute.

8. Is there an email address to contact IDBI Bank Credit Card Customer Care?
Yes, you can also contact IDBI Bank Credit Card Customer Care via email at [email protected] for non-urgent queries and requests.