Oriental Bank of Commerce Credit Card Bill Payment

Oriental Bank of Commerce provides diverse avenues for settling your credit card bills, catering to both online and offline preferences. For online convenience, you can utilize internet banking, the mobile app, set up auto-debit, or opt for NEFT/IMPS transfers. Conversely, offline alternatives include paying in cash at a branch, submitting cheques or Demand Drafts, using ATMs, or resorting to postal payments. Prompt payments play a pivotal role in evading late fees and upholding a favorable credit score.

How to Make your Oriental Bank of Commerce Credit Card Bill Payments Online?

You have the option to settle your Oriental Bank of Commerce credit card dues through a range of online payment methods.

Internet Banking:

  • Log in to your OBC internet banking account.
  • Add your OBC credit card as a beneficiary (if not already added).
  • Make a funds transfer from your savings or current account to your credit card account.
  • Specify the payment amount and confirm the transaction.

Mobile Banking App:

  • Get the OBC mobile banking app by downloading and installing it on your device.
  • Link your credit card to the app.
  • Go to the part of the website or application that deals specifically with paying your credit card bill.
  • Enter the payment details and confirm the transaction.

Auto Debit Facility:

  • Sign up for automatic debit service using your OBC savings or current account.
  • Specify the amount to be debited every month to pay your credit card bill.
  • Make sure there’s enough money in your account to cover your credit card payment.


  • Utilize either NEFT or IMPS services to securely transfer funds from any bank account to your OBC credit card account.
  • Add your credit card as a payee and provide the necessary details.
  • Please complete the payment using the unique transaction codes provided and ensure confirmation afterward.

How to Make your Oriental Bank of Commerce Credit Card Bill Payments Offline?

You can pay your Oriental Bank of Commerce Credit Card Bill Payments Offline using various methods:

Cash Payment at Branch:

  • Visit your nearest Oriental Bank of Commerce branch.
  • Fill out a credit card payment slip.
  • Hand over both the payment and the slip to the bank teller.
  • Collect a payment receipt for your records.

Cheque/Demand Draft:

  • Write a cheque or obtain a demand draft payable to “Oriental Bank of Commerce Credit Card” or as specified by the bank.
  • Mention your credit card number and contact details on the back.
  • Visit a branch and submit the cheque/DD in the credit card payment dropbox or over the counter.

ATM Payment:

  • Use OBC ATMs to make a credit card bill payment.
  • Please adhere to the instructions displayed on the screen and furnish the required information accordingly.
  • Ensure the payment reflects in your credit card account.

Payment via Post:

  • Send either a cheque or a demand draft along with your credit card statement to the assigned address mentioned on the statement.
  • Ensure it reaches well before the due date.