Tamilnad Mercantile Bank Credit Card Customer Care

Owning a credit card offers numerous advantages in your day-to-day routine and during unexpected situations. Yet, to fully leverage its benefits, it’s crucial to familiarize yourself with every clause and the accompanying terms and conditions associated with your card. Should you have any inquiries, concerns, complaints, or suggestions, reaching out to TamilNad Mercantile Bank’s customer care using the provided details is essential.

TamilNad Mercantile Bank Credit Card Customer Care Number

The bank doesn’t offer a dedicated customer care line exclusively for credit card inquiries. Yet, to address complaints, grievances, or any queries, you can contact the general customer care number for the bank at +91 9842 461 461.

For nationwide assistance, there’s an All India National Toll-Free Number: 180 0425 0426, available every day from 10 AM to 5:30 PM.

TamilNad Mercantile Bank Email Address Details

In case contacting TamilNad Mercantile Bank’s customer care via phone is not feasible, you can alternatively reach out through email.

[email protected].

While the bank doesn’t provide a dedicated customer care number for NRI citizens, they can connect with bank representatives by emailing their inquiries or concerns to

[email protected].

TamilNad Mercantile Bank Credit Card Enquiries

Credit Card Application:

  • Solution: Contact the bank’s customer care to inquire about the credit card application process, required documents, and eligibility criteria. They can guide you through the application procedure.

Credit Card Features and Benefits:

  • Solution: Reach out to the bank to understand the features, rewards, cashback, and benefits associated with their credit cards. They can provide detailed information on card perks.

Credit Card Limit Increase:

  • Solution: Contact the customer care to inquire about the process of increasing your credit card limit. They’ll guide you on the eligibility criteria and necessary steps.

Billing and Payment Queries:

  • Solution: For any questions related to billing cycles, due dates, or payment methods, get in touch with the bank’s customer care. They can provide clarifications or assist in resolving payment-related issues.

Lost or Stolen Card:

  • Solution: Immediately report a lost or stolen card by contacting the bank’s customer care. They’ll assist in blocking the card to prevent unauthorized transactions and guide you on the card replacement process.

Transaction Disputes or Fraudulent Activity:

  • Solution: If you notice any unauthorized transactions or suspect fraudulent activity, inform the bank’s customer care immediately. They’ll guide you through the dispute resolution process and assist in securing your account.

Reward Redemption or Points Queries:

  • Solution: Inquire about how to redeem credit card rewards or points by contacting the bank’s customer care. They can provide information on available redemption options and the redemption process.

EMI Conversion or Other Services:

  • Solution: Contact the bank’s customer care to learn about services like EMI conversion, balance transfer, or other credit card-related facilities. They can guide you on how to avail of these services.

International Usage or Fees:

  • Solution: If you have questions regarding international usage fees, currency conversion rates, or card acceptance abroad, contact the bank’s customer care for detailed information.

Feedback or Complaints:

  • Solution: For any feedback or complaints regarding credit card services, contact the bank’s customer care or use the provided email address to communicate your concerns. They’ll address your feedback or grievances accordingly.

TamilNad Mercantile Bank Credit Card Grievance Redressal

TamilNad Mercantile Bank has established a structured process for addressing customer grievances through various levels:

Level 1:
The initial stage of grievance resolution involves the bank’s customer care department. Once a complaint or query is lodged, the bank swiftly registers it and aims to resolve it promptly via phone communication or email. Additionally, an Online Complaint Form is available on the website, requiring specific details such as branch, name, address, phone number, email address, subject, and a security code.

Level 2:
If the response from the customer care representative doesn’t meet your satisfaction, visiting the bank branch and discussing the issue with the branch manager is the next step.

Level 3:
Should the branch manager be unable to address your query within a reasonable timeframe, escalating the matter to the bank manager becomes necessary. Correspondence can be directed to the General Manager, (Business Development Department), Tamilnad Mercantile Bank Limited, at 57, V.E. Road, Tuticorin, Tamilnadu, India. Zip: 628 002.

Level 4:
In cases where the branch manager’s response remains unsatisfactory or delayed, the bank designates nodal officers for each city to handle queries. These officers can be contacted via email or the phone numbers provided by the bank.

TamilNad Mercantile Bank Nodal Office Contact Details

Name Designation and Contact Number
Shri. J. Natarajan Regional Manager, Hyderabad Region [email protected]
Shri D. Ramesh Regional Manager, Chennai Region [email protected]
Shri. P. Jebananth Julius Regional Manager, Mumbai Region [email protected]
Shri K. Ganesh Kumar Regional Manager, Tirunelveli Region [email protected]
Shri R. Gouthaman Regional Manager, Madurai Region [email protected]
Shri J. Sundaresh Kumar Regional Manager, Thoothukudi Region [email protected]
Shri M. Ramanathan Regional Manager, Coimbatore Region [email protected]
Shri. G. Ganesan Regional Manager, Bangaluru Region [email protected]
Shri.J.Lakshmi Prakash Regional Manager, Ahmedabad Region [email protected]
Shri.T.Earnest Vasiharan Regional Manager, Tiruchirapalli Region [email protected]
Shri.C.Venkatesan Regional Manager, Thiruvananthapuram Region [email protected]
Shri J. Surendrabalaji Regional Manager, Salem Region [email protected]

Write to TamilNad Mercantile Bank

If you prefer written correspondence, you can mail your communication to the headquarters of TamilNad Mercantile Bank situated in Tamil Nadu. The address details are:

57, V.E. Road, Tuticorin, Tamilnadu, India. Zip: 628 002.
Contact Numbers: +91 (461) 232 1382 / 232 1929 / 232 1932.
Email: [email protected]

FAQs related to TMB Credit Card

Q. How can I apply for a TMB credit card?

A. Provide details about the application process, required documents, and eligibility criteria for different credit card options offered by TMB.

Q. How can I check my credit card balance and transactions?

A. Explain the various methods available to check credit card balance, such as through online banking, mobile app, SMS, or contacting customer care.

Q. What should I do if my credit card is lost or stolen?

A. Offer guidance on immediate steps to take, including contacting customer care to report the loss or theft, blocking the card, and requesting a replacement.

Q. How can I dispute a transaction on my credit card statement?

A. Explain the procedure for disputing unauthorized or incorrect transactions, including contacting customer care, filling out dispute forms, and providing necessary documentation.

Q. What are the rewards and benefits associated with TMB credit cards?

A. Detail the rewards program, cashback offers, discounts, and other benefits linked to using TMB credit cards, including how to redeem rewards or points.