Yes Bank Credit Card Customer Care Number

The Yes Bank Credit Card Customer Care Number is a dedicated helpline provided by Yes Bank to assist its credit cardholders with various services and inquiries related to their credit cards. This number serves as a direct point of contact for customers to address issues, seek information, or get assistance related to their credit cards.

Yes Bank Email Address

To reach the bank via email, use the following addresses:

General Inquiries: [email protected]
YES Prosperity Credit Cards: [email protected]
YES FIRST Credit Cards: [email protected]

Alternatively, both existing and new customers can fill out the online complaint form on the bank’s website, automatically directing it to the relevant department.

Yes Bank Credit Card Enquiries

In case of common inquiries, here’s the solution:

  • For Card Theft: If your card is stolen, call 18001031212 in India or +91 22 49350000 abroad. You can also block it via net banking, mobile app, or SMS (format: BLKCC space last 4 digits) to +91 9840909000 from your registered mobile.
  • If Your Card Is Blocked: Contact customer care to unblock or apply for a replacement. A new card arrives within 7 business days after the replacement request.

Yes Bank Credit Card International Helpline Number

If you face these common issues, here’s how to resolve them.

Card Theft: Immediately block your card by calling 18001031212 (in India) or +91 22 49350000 (overseas). You can also block it via net banking, mobile app, or SMS.

For Blocked Card: Contact customer care. They may issue a replacement card or unblock it, with a new card arriving within 7 business days of the request.

Yes Bank Credit Card Grievance Redressal

YES Bank has established a comprehensive grievance redressal policy to ensure customers receive prompt and satisfactory solutions for their concerns. This policy outlines a structured escalation matrix with four levels, each designed to address specific needs:

Level 1: In the initial stage, you can begin by visiting any branch of the bank or reaching out to their customer service center using the contact methods previously provided.

Level 2: If you find the solution at Level 1 unsatisfactory, you have the option to escalate your concern to the Grievance Redressal Officer. Here are the contact details for this level:

Name: Sangeeta P
Position: Head – Grievance Redressal
Organization: YES Bank Limited
Address: The location is YES Bank House, situated just off the Western Express Highway in Santacruz East, Mumbai, with the postal code 400055.
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 022-39489373

Level 3: Should your concern persist despite the efforts at Level 2, you can further escalate it by contacting the Principal Nodal Officer. Here are the details for this level:

Name: Shefali Singh Moza
Position: Principal Nodal Officer
Organization: YES Bank Limited
Address: The location is YES Bank House, situated adjacent to the Western Express Highway, in the Santacruz East area of Mumbai, with the postal code 400055.
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 022-39489374

Level 4: In rare cases where your concern remains unaddressed even after escalating through the previous levels and exceeds 30 days, the final level is to reach out to the banking ombudsman of your city. This independent authority can provide additional assistance and resolution for your issue.

This structured escalation matrix ensures that your concerns are addressed systematically and with the utmost care, enhancing the overall customer experience.

Yes Bank Nodal Office Contact Details

Area of Operation Name of Nodal officer Contact Number
Ahmedabad Mr Sharad Saraiya 079 30459101
Bengaluru Mr Vinodh Sarran 080 49157922
Bhopal Mr. Sharad Saraiya 0755 6612002
Chandigarh Mr Bhupinder Pal Singh 0172 5037064
Chennai Mr. Vinodh Sarran 044 66765000
Hyderabad Mr Somesh Varman 040 42426900
Jaipur Mr Sharad Saraiya 0141 3329136
Kolkata Mr. Tushar Kanti Roy 033 405813684
Mumbai Mr Taroon Shahani 022 33574248
New Delhi Ms Sunaina Gupta 011 49433455
Patna Mr. Tushar Kanti Roy 0612 3009003
Ranchi Mr. Tushar Kanti Roy 0651 2212711
Dehradun Mr. Tejpreet Singh 0135 3061056
Jammu Mr Bhupinder Pal Singh 0191 2439871

Write to Yes Bank

If you wish to submit a complaint by mail, please send your letters to the following addresses:

Corporate Headquarters:

YES Bank Tower, IFC – 2
15th Floor, Senapati Bapat Marg
Elphinstone (W)
Mumbai 400 013
Email: [email protected]

You can also contact the Northern Regional Corporate Office at:

YES Bank Limited
48, Nyaya Marg
New Delhi 110021
Email: [email protected]

Should these channels not resolve your concern, you have the option to escalate the matter to the banking ombudsman, designated by the Reserve Bank of India for your specific city. However, it’s important to note that before approaching the banking ombudsman, you’ll need a letter from YES Bank confirming that your complaint remains unresolved for over one month from its initial submission date.


1. How can I contact Yes Bank Credit Card Customer Care?

You can contact Yes Bank Credit Card Customer Care by dialing the customer care number provided by the bank for credit card-related queries and assistance.

2. Is the Yes Bank Credit Card Customer Care Number toll-free?

Yes, Yes Bank typically offers a toll-free customer care number for credit card services. However, it’s advisable to verify the toll-free status with the latest information from the bank.

3. What services can I access through the Yes Bank Credit Card Customer Care Number?

You can access a range of services, including reporting lost or stolen cards, inquiring about your credit card balance, transaction details, and statement information. You can also get assistance with card activation and PIN generation.

4. What should I do if I’ve lost my Yes Bank credit card?

In case your credit card goes missing or is stolen, it’s crucial to reach out to the Yes Bank Credit Card Customer Care Number right away. They’ll assist you in promptly blocking the card to prevent any unauthorized transactions, ensuring your security.

5. What steps do I need to take to inquire about my credit card balance via customer service?

You can inquire about your credit card balance and recent transactions by calling the Yes Bank Credit Card Customer Care Number and following the prompts provided.

6. What do I do if I suspect unauthorized transactions on my credit card?

If you notice any unauthorized transactions on your Yes Bank credit card, contact the customer care number immediately to report the issue and initiate a dispute resolution process.

7. Are there different customer care numbers for international callers?

Certainly, Yes Bank usually offers a distinct helpline dedicated to international callers. This specific number is designated for individuals reaching out from beyond the borders of India.

8. When is Yes Bank Credit Card Customer Care available to assist customers?

Yes Bank’s customer support for credit card services is available around the clock, though their operating hours may fluctuate. It’s recommended to verify the most recent information directly from the bank.

9. How can I escalate my concerns if they are not resolved by customer care?

If your concerns are not adequately addressed by customer care, you may escalate the matter within the bank by requesting to speak with a higher-level authority or submit a formal written complaint. You can also approach the banking ombudsman if needed.