Best Travel Credit Cards in India

Travel credit cards in India are specialized credit cards designed to offer various benefits and rewards to individuals who frequently travel, whether domestically or internationally. These cards are tailored to cater to the specific needs and preferences of travelers, providing a range of perks and features that can enhance the travel experience.

15 Best Travel Credit Cards in India 2023

Axis Bank Vistara Infinite Credit Card

The Axis Bank Vistara Infinite Credit Card represents a top-tier travel credit card provided by Axis Bank in collaboration with Vistara. Launched in July 2016, this credit card is part of a series that also includes the Axis Bank Vistara Credit Card and Axis Bank Vistara Signature Credit Card.

Catering to a wide range of travelers with varying preferences, the Vistara Infinite Credit Card is suitable for both middle-income and high-income professionals. Functioning through the VISA platform, this service is recognized across the board, ensuring its compatibility with VISA-supported merchant terminals and ATMs worldwide.

Key Highlights of Axis Bank Vistara Infinite Credit Card

  • Best Suited for: Travel enthusiasts.
  • Joining Fee: Rs. 10,000.
  • Renewal Fee: Rs. 10,000.
  • Minimum Income Requirement: Rs. 6 lakh per annum.
  • Best Feature: Achieving the spending milestone unlocks up to 4 free business class tickets.

Club Vistara IDFC First Credit Card

The Club Vistara IDFC FIRST Credit Card is a collaborative travel card tailored to the preferences of frequent travelers who have a preference for Vistara Airlines. As a perk of becoming a member and reaching milestones, cardholders can relish the privilege of acquiring as many as 5 tickets for Premium Economy Class. This card boasts a more expansive reward structure, coupled with a relatively low foreign exchange mark-up fee of just 2.99%. Furthermore, it provides exclusive golf privileges, setting it apart from similar co-branded Vistara cards such as the Axis Vistara Signature and Club Vistara SBI Card PRIME. For a detailed comparison with other travel cards, keep reading to discover more.
Key Highlights of Club Vistara IDFC First Credit Card
  • Co-Branded Travel Card: The Club Vistara IDFC First Credit Card stands out as a unique collaboration between IDFC First and Vistara Airlines, tailor-made for avid travelers who frequently choose Vistara for their journeys.
  • Premium Economy Class Tickets: As a cardholder, you can relish the perk of receiving up to 5 Premium Economy Class Tickets, included in both the joining benefits and milestone rewards. This can significantly enhance the value of the card for frequent flyers.
  • Reward Structure: The card offers a comprehensive reward structure, allowing cardholders to earn rewards on their spending, which can be redeemed for various travel-related expenses such as flights and hotel stays.
  • Low Foreign Exchange Mark-up Fee: This credit card comes with a comparatively low foreign exchange mark-up fee of 2.99%, making it cost-effective for international travelers.
  • Golf Benefits: Cardholders have the opportunity to enjoy golf perks, such as complimentary rounds or reduced rates at golf courses, contingent upon the specific terms and conditions of their card.
  • Competitive Edge: The card’s combination of travel perks, rewards, and low foreign exchange fees gives it a competitive edge over other Vistara co-branded credit cards, such as the Axis Vistara Signature and Club Vistara SBI Card PRIME.

6E Rewards XL – IndiGo HDFC Bank Credit Card

HDFC Bank has partnered with IndiGo to introduce a co-branded credit card known as the “6E Rewards XL IndiGo HDFC Bank Credit Card.” This card has been meticulously designed to enhance affordability for frequent air travelers. In addition to a complimentary ticket from IndiGo Airlines, it extends numerous travel-related privileges. The annual fee for this card is set at Rs.2,500.

Key Highlights of 6E Rewards XL – IndiGo HDFC Bank Credit Card

  • Best Suited for: Travel enthusiasts.
  • Joining Fee: Rs. 2,500 + Taxes.
  • Renewal Fee: Rs. 2,500 + Taxes.
  • Minimum Income Requirement:
  1. Salaried: Rs. 1,20,000 per month.
  2. Self-employed: ITR (Income Tax Return) > Rs. 14.4 lakh per annum.
  • Best Feature: Earn 5% 6E Reward Points for every Rs. 100 spent on the IndiGo website or mobile app.

Air India SBI Signature Credit Card

The Air India SBI Signature Card is a premium co-branded credit card presented by the State Bank of India in collaboration with Air India. This unique credit card is designed to offer an array of exceptional benefits to its users. It grants access to airport lounges worldwide, waives fuel surcharges, provides extensive insurance coverage, and allows flexible EMI options. With round-the-clock global support for card replacement, it ensures peace of mind. Moreover, it presents appealing milestone rewards to elevate the cardholder’s experience.

Key Highlights of Air India SBI Signature Credit Card

  • Receive a welcome gift of 20,000 reward points upon payment of the joining fee.
  • Benefit from lost card liability coverage of up to Rs. 1 lakh.
  • Utilize the balance transfer facility with EMI options to save on your payments.
  • Use the card to conveniently book railway tickets for home delivery.
  • Earn up to 1 lakh bonus reward points annually.
  • Gain entry to more than 600 airport lounges worldwide with the Priority Pass Program.
  • Receive a bonus of 5,000 points upon card renewal after your first year.

Etihad Guest SBI Premier Credit Card

The Etihad Guest SBI Card, a collaboration between SBI Card and Etihad Airways, is tailor-made for discerning frequent flyers seeking premium benefits. Cardholders can enjoy substantial advantages when booking flights through Etihad’s platform, including increased Airmiles, booking discounts, and complimentary access to airport lounges.

Key Highlights of Etihad Guest SBI Premier Credit Card

  • Once you’ve paid the membership fee, you’ll receive a warm welcome gesture in the form of 5,000 Etihad Guest miles.
  • After your initial transaction, you’ll be bestowed with the coveted Etihad Guest Gold tier status at no extra cost.
  • When you make purchases worth Rs.100 on, you’ll rack up a notable 6 Etihad Guest miles.
  • Enjoy a discount of up to 10% when booking directly with Etihad Airways.
  • When your annual spending reaches Rs.1.5 lakh, you’ll receive a bonus of 1,500 Etihad Guest miles.
  • Additionally, relish complimentary membership in the esteemed International Priority Pass program.
  • And to sweeten the deal further, benefit from a 1% fuel surcharge waiver on all your transactions.

HDFC Bank RuPay IRCTC Credit Card

TThe IRCTC HDFC Bank Credit Card, created in collaboration with IRCTC, comes packed with perks tailored for train commuters. For a reasonable annual fee, it amplifies reward points for bookings made via IRCTC platforms. On top of that, it spares you from IRCTC transaction fees and grants entry to exclusive railway lounges. Moreover, users are greeted with enticing welcome rewards and ongoing benefits like milestone gift vouchers. If hopping on trains is a regular affair for you, this card is a standout option.

Key Highlights of HDFC Bank RuPay IRCTC Credit Card

  • Welcome Offer: Cardholders often receive a welcome bonus in the form of reward points or cashback when they first activate their card.
  • Railway Booking Benefits: This credit card is specifically designed for railway enthusiasts. It offers exclusive discounts and cashback offers on booking train tickets through the IRCTC website or mobile app. Customers have the opportunity to save money on both ticket reservations and catering amenities.
  • Fuel Surcharge Waiver: Cardholders may enjoy a waiver on fuel surcharges at select fuel stations, making it more economical to refuel while on the road.
  • Reward Points: The card usually accumulates reward points from different transactions like purchasing railway tickets and everyday spending. These points are valuable and can be exchanged for various benefits such as travel vouchers, merchandise, and other perks.
  • Insurance Coverage: Some versions of this card come with insurance coverage, such as accidental death insurance or lost card liability cover, providing added security and peace of mind.
  • Contactless Payment: The card often features contactless payment technology, making it convenient and secure for everyday transactions.
  • Global Acceptance: Originally crafted with a focus on railway perks, this card also boasts global acceptance, allowing for seamless transactions abroad.
  • Annual Fee: Depending on the specific variant of the card, there may be an annual fee associated with it. Sometimes, the fee can be waived or balanced out by the rewards and discounts provided.
  • Co-Branded: The card is co-branded with RuPay, the Indian card payment network, and IRCTC, the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation, ensuring exclusive benefits for railway travel enthusiasts.
  • No-Cost EMI: Some versions of the card may offer no-cost EMI options for making larger purchases, providing financial flexibility to cardholders.

IRCTC SBI Card Premier

In collaboration with IRCTC, SBI Card has unveiled a new co-branded credit card called the IRCTC SBI Card Premier. This card marks an advancement from the previous IRCTC SBI Platinum Credit Card, providing improved perks and advantages. It stands out as one of the limited options in the market tailored to provide advantages specifically for railway travel enthusiasts. By possessing this credit card, you can enjoy perks such as complimentary access to railway lounges, increased reward points on your IRCTC bookings, complimentary insurance coverage, and a host of other valuable privileges. Continue reading to delve deeper into the features of this credit card.

Key Highlights of IRCTC SBI Card Premier

  1. Enjoy a welcome gift of 1,500 reward points upon card activation.
  2. Receive a 10% value back on ticket purchases made through IRCTC.
  3. Earn reward points based on milestone achievements.
  4. Take advantage of free rail accident insurance protection worth up to Rs.10 lakh.
  5. Enjoy a fuel surcharge waiver.
  6. Gain access to railway lounges with 8 complimentary visits per year.

MakeMyTrip ICICI Bank Signature Credit Card

In collaboration with MakeMyTrip, ICICI Bank has unveiled the MakeMyTrip ICICI Bank Signature Credit Card, tailored for avid travelers. This latest addition to their credit card lineup offers an array of enticing benefits, ranging from discounts to complimentary perks, exclusively designed for Signature Card users. These advantages span across travel, movie tickets, accommodations, and beyond, enhancing the experience for frequent travelers.

Key Highlights of MakeMyTrip ICICI Bank Signature Credit Card

  • Card Type: Mid-level
  • Ideal For: Travel Enthusiasts
  • Joining Fee: INR 2,500
  • Annual Fee: None
  • Welcome Perk: Enjoy INR 1,500 worth of My Cash and exclusive MMTBLACK membership.
  • Highlight Feature: You can accumulate as many as 4 My Cash points for each INR 200 you spend on booking hotels and flights via MakeMyTrip.

Yatra SBI Credit Card

While not all entry-level credit cards provide substantial travel perks, the Yatra SBI Credit Card stands out as a commendable option if you seek such benefits. With an annual fee of just Rs. 499, this card offers compelling co-branded advantages related to, in addition to general travel benefits. Furthermore, it extends its value to various spending categories such as departmental stores, groceries, dining, movies, entertainment, and international transactions, making it a well-rounded choice for discerning cardholders.

Key Highlights of Yatra SBI Credit Card

  • Upon registration, you’ll be granted vouchers worth Rs. 8,250 to use on
  • Take advantage of a monthly waiver on fuel surcharges of up to Rs. 100 and relish the benefits.
  • Earn 6 reward points for every Rs. 100 spent on departmental stores, groceries, dining, movies, and entertainment.
  • Receive two vouchers, each worth Rs. 500, for domestic travel.

InterMiles HDFC Bank Diners Club Credit Card

The InterMiles HDFC Bank Diners Club Credit Card, a premium travel credit card, was launched in partnership with InterMiles, formerly Jet Privilege, offering top-notch benefits and privileges. With this card, cardholders can accumulate InterMiles with each purchase, which can subsequently be used to book flight tickets. Beyond its rewards program, the card boasts premium perks like airport lounge access, a golf program, and a concierge service, establishing itself as one of India’s premier travel credit cards.

Key Highlights of InterMiles HDFC Bank Diners Club Credit Card

  • Card Type: Mid-level
  • Ideal For: Travel Enthusiasts
  • Joining Fee: INR 5,000
  • Renewal Fee: INR 5,000 (waived off upon spending INR 8 lakh in a year)
  • Minimum Income Requirement:
  1. Salaried: INR 1.75 lakh per month
  2. Self-employed: Annual Income Tax Return (ITR) exceeding INR 21 lakh
  • Welcome Perk: Receive a complimentary Gold Membership and earn 25,000 bonus InterMiles.
  • Highlight Feature: Get 16 InterMiles credited to your account for every INR 150 you shell out on flight tickets or hotel reservations.

Axis Bank Atlas Credit Card

The Axis Atlas Credit Card is a top-tier air miles credit card in India, celebrated for its outstanding rewards. Unlike other cards tied to particular airlines, it provides flexible EDGE Miles instead of standard reward points. These EDGE Miles can be used across a wide range of over 10 airlines and three hotel loyalty programs. Moreover, the card offers exclusive tier-based perks, elevating its already remarkable travel benefits.

Key Highlights of Axis Bank Atlas Credit Card

  1. Earn 5 EDGE miles for every Rs. 100 spent on travel.
  2. Attain Platinum Tier status by making annual purchases totaling more than Rs. 15 lakh.
  3. Get rewarded with 10,000 EDGE miles as an extra perk once your yearly expenses surpass Rs. 15 lakh.
  4. Receive a maximum of 10,000 EDGE Miles after your first year as a card member.
  5. Enjoy up to a 20% discount when dining at partner restaurants.

RBL World Safari Credit Card

Touted as India’s inaugural credit card featuring a 0% forex markup fee on all overseas transactions, the RBL World Safari Credit Card is tailor-made for avid globetrotters. This card extends a bouquet of travel-related advantages upon activation, encompassing reward points, airport lounge access, and comprehensive travel insurance coverage. If you often travel abroad and mainly use your credit card for travel costs, it might be wise to consider this card as a strategic choice. Doing so would enable you to optimize your benefits by taking advantage of milestone privileges and redeeming rewards across a spectrum of travel and other categories.

Key Highlights of RBL World Safari Credit Card

  • Enjoy the freedom of worry-free travel with a 0% markup fee on all foreign currency transactions.
  • Receive a warm welcome with a MakeMyTrip voucher worth Rs. 3,000 upon card activation.
  • Accumulate reward points with every credit card transaction, which can be redeemed for flight and hotel bookings.

Axis Bank Vistara Signature

Axis Bank’s Vistara Signature credit card is tailored for avid travelers, presenting a host of exclusive perks. Upon activation, you’ll receive a generous bonus of 3,000 Vistara points, which can be utilized for booking flight tickets. Furthermore, the card presents alluring dining opportunities aimed at enriching your gastronomic adventures. It carries an annual interest rate of 41.75%, accompanied by a joining fee of Rs. 3,000 and an annual fee of Rs. 3,000.

Key Highlights of Axis Bank Vistara Signature

  • Ideal For: Travel Enthusiasts
  • Joining Fee: INR 3,000
  • Annual Fee: INR 3,000
  • Welcome Perk: Receive a complimentary Premium Economy ticket.
  • Highlight Feature: Earn up to 4 complimentary Premium Economy tickets annually as a milestone benefit.

Kotak IndiGo XL Credit Card

The Kotak IndiGo Ka-ching 6E Rewards XL credit card is tailored for travelers, offering substantial rewards for travel-related expenses. This co-branded card enables you to convert your accumulated reward points, earned from all your expenditures, into IndiGo flight tickets. Furthermore, it offers a hearty greeting along with attractive perks like discount coupons from various partner companies, spanning dining venues, hotels, and more.

Key Highlights of Kotak IndiGo XL Credit Card

  • Earn 6% rewards on IndiGo expenses.
  • Receive 3% rewards on merchant transactions, which encompass dining, entertainment, and grocery purchases.
  • Enjoy the benefit of 8 complimentary visits to domestic lounges every calendar year.

Standard Chartered EaseMyTrip

Standard Chartered Bank and EaseMyTrip have joined forces to introduce the Standard Chartered EaseMyTrip Credit Card, offering a range of advantages when booking hotels and flights. This card provides users with numerous discounts and rewards, including the perk of complimentary access to domestic lounges every calendar quarter.

Key Highlights of Standard Chartered EaseMyTrip

  • Ideal For: Travel Enthusiasts
  • Joining Fee: INR 350 + GST
  • Annual Fee: INR 350 + GST (waived on spending INR 50,000 in the previous year)
  • Prominent Feature: Enjoy an immediate 20% discount on hotel bookings* and a 10% instant discount on flight bookings* through EaseMyTrip.