BookMyShow RBL Bank Play Credit Card

RBL Bank and BookMyShow have teamed up to introduce the BookMyShow RBL Bank PLAY credit card. This unique credit card is solely offered to select BookMyShow customers, offering them special benefits for transactions linked to movies and live entertainment experiences. Discover the multitude of perks available with the BookMyShow RBL Bank PLAY credit card as users indulge in activities like buying or renting TV shows and movies. Explore further to unveil the array of features and advantages awaiting cardholders.

Key Highlights of BookMyShow RBL Bank Play Credit Card: 

  1. Exclusive Partnership: The collaboration between RBL Bank and BookMyShow has birthed a credit card, presenting exclusive perks tailored for its holders.
  2. Select Customer Base: Accessible solely to a specific subset of BookMyShow patrons, guaranteeing that only qualified individuals can reap its benefits.
  3. Entertainment Rewards: Cardholders can earn rewards and benefits when they engage in entertainment-related transactions, including movie tickets and live events.
  4. Movie and TV Series Access: Clients have the flexibility to utilize the card for acquiring or leasing TV shows and films, providing a hassle-free option for those passionate about entertainment.
  5. Attractive Offers: The card unlocks a treasure trove of exclusive deals on all sorts of entertainment-related purchases, presenting itself as an invaluable option for those who frequent cinemas and events.
  6. Accumulative Benefits: With every transaction, customers have the opportunity to earn rewards, enhancing their enjoyment with increasing benefits as they continue their entertainment journey.
  7. Customized Features: The card comes with unique features crafted to elevate users’ entertainment enjoyment, offering perks like exclusive event access and special film screenings.
  8. Flexible Redemption: Cardholders can redeem their accumulated rewards for a variety of entertainment-related perks, such as free movie tickets or discounts on event tickets.
  9. Security and Convenience: The RBL Bank credit card offers the same security and convenience perks that come with all of the bank’s credit card options.
  10. Online Access: Users can easily manage their credit card account and track their rewards through the RBL Bank online portal or mobile app.

These key points underscore the value of the BookMyShow RBL Bank Play Credit Card for those who love entertainment. It offers a customized and gratifying experience to its exclusive clientele.

Features and Benefits of BookMyShow RBL Bank Play Credit Card

This credit card offers an array of advantages and perks.

1. Welcome Benefit:
Once your card is activated, you’re entitled to exclusive perks worth Rs. 500 on the BookMyShow platform. These perks cover a range of discounts applicable to movie tickets, streaming services, events, theater shows, and sports bookings. To qualify, you must make a purchase with the Play credit card within 30 days of card issuance, and it remains valid for three months from the date of activation.

  • When booking movie tickets, you’ll receive a discount of Rs. 250 per ticket, but only if you book at least 2 tickets. If the cost of a ticket is below Rs. 250, the discount will be equal to the ticket’s value.
  • In the ‘Stream’ section, you can avail of a discount of up to Rs. 500 per transaction.

2. Monthly Discounts on BookMyShow:
This card provides monthly benefits, including a Rs. 500 discount in each billing cycle on BookMyShow. To be eligible, you must spend Rs. 5,000 in the billing month. Here are the conditions:

  • Enjoy a Rs. 500 discount when you purchase two tickets valued at Rs. 250 each for movies, plays, events, sports, or any other activity. If you’re opting for the ‘Stream’ category, the discount caps at Rs. 500 per transaction.
  • You’re eligible to apply this perk once, but only for one transaction. You can snag a discount on either two movie tickets or up to Rs. 500 off, whichever saves you more.
  • The discount eligibility of Rs. 5,000 doesn’t cover EMI transactions, cash withdrawals, associated fees, or GST charges.

3. Discount on Food & Beverages:
Besides providing entertainment perks, this card grants a monthly Rs. 100 discount on food and drinks when you purchase a minimum of two movie tickets each month through BookMyShow.

4. Fuel Surcharge Waiver:
The card exempts you from fuel surcharges on purchases between Rs. 500 and Rs. 4,000, offering a maximum waiver of Rs. 100 per month.

5. Renewal Fee Waiver:
BookMyShow SuperStar* members don’t need to pay the Rs. 500 annual fee. If you’re not a SuperStar member, you can still get the fee waived by spending Rs. 1.5 lakhs in the last year. Also, after making 10 transactions above Rs. 100 on BookMyShow within a year, you can renew for free.

BookMyShow RBL Bank Play Credit Card Fees and Charges

  • Joining Fee : Rs. 500
  • Annual Fee : Rs. 500*
  • Finance Charges : Up to 3.99% per month (47.88% per annum)
  • Late Payment Fee : 12.5% of the outstanding balance (Minimum Rs. 5 | Maximum Rs. 1,300)

Eligibility criteria for the BookMyShow RBL Bank Play Credit Card

Here’s the rundown of requirements you need to fulfill to qualify for the BMS RBL Play Credit Card:

  1. Primary cardholders must meet the age requirement of 21 years, whereas supplementary card applicants must be at least 18 years old.
  2. Applicants, regardless of being self-employed or having a salary, need to demonstrate a dependable income source.
  3. A stable income is mandatory for all applicants.

Documents Required For BookMyShow RBL Bank Play Credit Card

Below are the necessary documents required to apply for the BookMyShow RBL Bank Play Credit Card:

  1. Identity Proof (e.g., Aadhaar card, passport, or driver’s license)
  2. Proof of address, such as a utility bill or rental agreement, is required.
  3. Income Proof (e.g., salary slips or income tax returns)
  4. Passport-sized photographs
  5. Duly filled credit card application form

How to apply for BookMyShow RBL Bank Play Credit Card

To apply for the RBL Bank BMS Play credit card in person, head over to your nearest RBL branch and remember to carry all necessary documents. If you opt for an online application instead, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Visit the authorized webpage of RBL Bank.
  2. Click on the ‘Credit Cards’ section.
  3. Locate and select the RBL Bank BMS Play Credit Card.
  4. Click the ‘Apply Now’ button and meticulously complete all the necessary details to proceed.


1. What exactly is the BookMyShow RBL Bank Play Credit Card?

The RBL Bank Play Credit Card, in collaboration with BookMyShow, brings a unique offering to the table. Crafted for avid BookMyShow users, this co-branded credit card ensures exclusive perks and rewards tailored for entertainment aficionados.

2. What steps should I take to apply for the BookMyShow RBL Bank Play Credit Card?

To get the BookMyShow RBL Bank Play Credit Card, you have two options: either apply online via the RBL Bank website or go to a nearby RBL Bank branch. During the application, you’ll need to provide your personal and financial information as usual.

3. What distinct attributes does the BookMyShow RBL Bank Play Credit Card offer?

Some key features include:

  • Entertainment benefits such as complimentary movie tickets from BookMyShow.
  • Earn rewards and cashback when you spend on entertainment and dining.
  • Accelerated reward points for BookMyShow transactions.
  • Welcome benefits and milestone rewards.

4. Does the BookMyShow RBL Bank Play Credit Card come with an annual fee?

The annual fee and additional charges might fluctuate. It’s recommended to refer to the most recent fee schedule on the RBL Bank website or reach out to their customer service for precise details.

5. What are the methods available for accumulating reward points using this credit card?

By utilizing the BookMyShow RBL Bank Play Credit Card, you have the opportunity to accumulate reward points through a range of transactions. These points are usually boosted for entertainment-related purchases and accrued at a standard rate for other expenses. Refer to the terms and conditions for precise information.

6. Am I able to utilize my reward points for making bookings on BookMyShow?

Certainly! Numerous co-branded credit cards, such as the BookMyShow RBL Bank Play Credit Card, enable you to utilize your earned reward points for BookMyShow vouchers or discounts. Specifics regarding how to redeem these rewards can typically be found in the guidelines of the rewards program.

7. What perks in entertainment can be enjoyed with a credit card?

Enjoy perks like free movie passes, event savings, and VIP premier access. For full details on the latest entertainment benefits, review the terms or reach out to customer support.

8. How can I verify my credit card statement and rewards balance without repeating myself?

Accessing your credit card statement and rewards balance is convenient with RBL Bank’s online banking portal or mobile app. Furthermore, monthly statements delivered to your registered email address offer a comprehensive overview of your transactions and accrued rewards.

9. How can I reach out to customer support regarding inquiries about the BookMyShow RBL Bank Play Credit Card?

Feel free to contact RBL Bank’s customer support for any questions about your credit card. You can either dial the customer care number listed on the back of your card or check out the official RBL Bank website for contact information.

10. Are there exclusive deals or promotions linked with the BookMyShow RBL Bank Play Credit Card?

Certainly! RBL Bank frequently unveils exclusive deals and perks tailored for holders of the BookMyShow RBL Bank Play Credit Card. These offers are subject to variation, hence it’s advisable to consistently monitor official channels for the most recent updates on promotions.