How to Close SBI Credit Card

While credit cards are highly beneficial financial tools, individuals may encounter challenges in managing them effectively. Moreover, there are instances where cardholders may desire to switch to a different credit card option. In such scenarios, individuals may need to initiate the closure or cancellation of the credit card they no longer wish to utilize.

Steps to Close Your SBI Credit Card Account:

  1. Cancellation Request Options:
    • You can request the cancellation of your SBI Credit Card either through a written request or by phone.
  2. Closing Over the Phone:
    • Contact SBI’s helpline at 1860-180-1290 to initiate a cancellation request via phone.
    • Upon making the request, you’ll receive a reference number for future inquiries.
  3. Closing Via Letter:
    • Write a letter to SBI requesting cancellation, including your full name, address, card number, and contact information.
    • Send the letter to SBI, PO Bag No 28, GPO, New Delhi-110001.
    • Avoid including confidential information like PIN and CVV numbers in the letter.

Things to Check Before Closing Your SBI Credit Card:

  1. Check Card Status:
    • Ensure your card is active before requesting cancellation.
    • Inactive cards might be canceled by the bank, per applicable laws.
  2. Clear Outstanding Dues:
    • Pay off all pending dues on your credit card.
    • Check for pending payments and settle them, either in full or in installments.
  3. Cancel Automatic Payments:
    • Contact beneficiaries of automatic payments and cancel them or transfer them to another card.
    • Verify the scheduled date of automatic payments to avoid disruptions.
  4. Check for Fraudulent Transactions:
    • Review your card statement for any fraudulent transactions before finalizing payment.
  5. Redeem Reward Points:
    • Redeem any accumulated reward points before initiating the cancellation process.
    • SBI allows redemption within 45 days of cancellation request submission.
  6. Review Credit Report:
    • Examine your credit report to understand the impact of card cancellation on your credit score.
    • Consider the impact on credit availability and future card applications.

Steps After Requesting Closure:

  1. Cease Card Usage:
    • Refrain from using the card after requesting cancellation to avoid further dues.
  2. Dispose of Card Responsibly:
    • Cut the card diagonally after requesting closure.
    • Some banks may require you to return the cut card, but SBI does not have such a policy.
  3. Automatic Closure of Add-On Card:
    • Understand that requesting closure of the primary card will automatically close any linked add-on cards.
  4. Redeem Remaining Reward Points:
    • If you forgot to redeem reward points earlier, do so within the 45-day window after submitting the closure request.

How to Reactivate a Closed SBI Credit Card:

To reactivate a closed or canceled SBI credit card, applicants can contact the bank via phone at 1860-180-1290 or 39-02-02-02 (using the local STD code as prefix), or email at [email protected]. After completing necessary documentation and formalities, the bank will reactivate the card.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How can I close my SBI credit card account?

  • To close your SBI credit card account, you can either call the SBI customer service helpline or visit your nearest SBI branch. They will guide you through the closure process and assist you with the necessary steps.

2. Are there any specific requirements or documents needed to close my SBI credit card?

  • Generally, you will need to provide your credit card details, identification documents, and any outstanding dues to initiate the closure process. The specific requirements may vary depending on your account status and SBI’s policies.

3. Is there a fee associated with closing my SBI credit card?

  • SBI typically does not charge a fee for closing a credit card account. However, if there are any outstanding balances or dues on your card, you will need to settle them before closure.

4. Can I close my SBI credit card online?

  • Currently, SBI does not offer an online option to close credit card accounts. You will need to contact SBI’s customer service helpline or visit a branch in person to initiate the closure process.

5. Will closing my SBI credit card affect my credit score?

  • Closing a credit card account may have an impact on your credit score, especially if it was one of your oldest accounts or if you have a high credit utilization ratio. However, the extent of the impact can vary depending on your overall credit history and financial situation.

6. What should I do after closing my SBI credit card account?

  • After closing your SBI credit card account, ensure that all automatic payments linked to the card are updated with a new payment method. Additionally, monitor your credit report to ensure that the account closure is accurately reflected.

7. Can I reopen a closed SBI credit card account in the future?

  • In most cases, once a credit card account is closed, it cannot be reopened. If you wish to continue using SBI credit card services, you may need to apply for a new credit card following the standard application process.

8. How long does it take to close my SBI credit card account?

  • The timeline for closing a credit card account with SBI can vary depending on factors such as pending dues, verification processes, and account closure procedures. Generally, it may take a few days to complete the closure process once initiated.