Vijaya Bank Credit Card Customer Care Number

In 1980, Vijaya Bank was nationalized and has since thrived, offering a wide range of financial products and services through 2000+ branches, 2000+ ATMs, and 13 Extension Counters. Their dedicated customer support team is readily available, reachable via a toll-free number, email, or written communication to their registered office.

Vijaya Bank Customer Support – Reach Us Easily
For inquiries about savings/current accounts, loans, debit cards, and more, you can contact our friendly customer care representatives at any of the following numbers:


Vijaya Bank Credit Card Customer Care on SMS

Vijaya Bank offers SMS services for customer convenience. To safeguard your credit/debit card, start a one-time registration and send an SMS to initiate the blocking process.

  • Send “BLOCK VIJ” followed by the last four digits of your card number to 575758.
  • For instance, if your card number ends in 3456, the SMS should read: “BLOCK VIJ 3456.”

Vijaya Bank Email Address

Email your inquiry to [email protected], specifying the relevant code in the subject line.

Vijaya Bank Credit Card Enquiries

When it comes to Vijaya Bank Credit Card inquiries, customers may have various questions and concerns related to their credit card accounts. Here are some common credit card inquiries and the kind of information or solutions you can typically expect:

1. Balance Inquiry:

  • Inquiry: “What is my current credit card balance?”
  • Solution: You have the option to reach out to Vijaya Bank’s customer service to inquire about your remaining balance, your available credit limit, and the minimum payment that is due.

2. Transaction Details:

  • Inquiry: “Can you provide details about recent credit card transactions?”
  • Solution: Vijaya Bank can provide information about recent transactions, including transaction dates, amounts, and merchant details.

3. Credit Limit Increase:

  • Inquiry: “How do I go about asking for a higher credit limit without repeating myself?”
  • Solution: Vijaya Bank offers assistance in navigating the procedure for requesting a boost in your credit limit. This could entail providing necessary financial details as part of the process.

4. Credit Card Application Status:

  • Inquiry: “What is the status of my credit card application?”
  • Solution: You can inquire about the status of your credit card application, whether it’s approved, pending, or declined.

5. Bill Payment Assistance:

  • Inquiry: “I need help making a credit card payment. Can you provide assistance?”
  • Solution: Vijaya Bank’s customer service team is ready to assist you with various credit card payment options, such as arranging automatic debits or exploring alternative payment methods.

6. Lost or Stolen Card Reporting:

  • Inquiry: “My credit card is lost or stolen. What should I do?”
  • Solution: The bank is able to provide assistance in both blocking a lost card and navigating the steps to secure a replacement.

7. EMI Conversion:

  • Inquiry: “How can I convert credit card purchases into EMIs?”
  • Solution: Vijaya Bank can explain the EMI conversion process, terms, and interest rates.

8. Reward Points and Offers:

  • Inquiry: “Can you provide information about my reward points and any current promotional offers?”
  • Solution: You’ll receive information on your reward points balance and any ongoing promotional offers related to your credit card.

9. Dispute Resolution:

  • Inquiry: “I’m encountering an issue with a particular transaction listed on my credit card statement. How should I proceed to resolve this matter?”
  • Solution: Vijaya Bank can assist in the dispute resolution process, which may involve investigating and addressing discrepancies in your statement.

10. General Credit Card Information:

  • Inquiry: “I have general questions about my credit card’s features, fees, or benefits.”
  • Solution: The bank can provide information about your credit card’s terms, features, fees, and benefits.

Vijaya Bank Credit Card International Helpline Number

Customers residing abroad can contact Vijaya Bank’s Customer Support team by dialing the provided number: +91 80 25584066.

Vijaya Bank Credit Card Grievance Redressal

Vijaya Bank offers a three-tier grievance redressal system if your concern remains unresolved after contacting the toll-free number:

Level 1: Submit your complaint to [email protected] and anticipate a reply within three business days.

Level 2: Email your grievance to [email protected] and anticipate a response within 2 working days.

If your issue persists unresolved through these levels, you can email your grievance to [email protected].

Write to Vijaya Bank

If your concern remains unresolved after reaching level 3 escalation, please contact the Head of Customer Service, Ms. Jyoti Jain, by writing to the address below:


BOB Financial Solutions Limited
2nd Floor, Baroda House,
Behind Dewan Shopping Centre,
SV Road, Jogeshwari (W),
Mumbai – 400 102

Make sure you have the necessary information prepared before contacting us: your name, credit card number, email address on file, and phone number.


1. What is the Vijaya Bank Credit Card Customer Care Number?
The Vijaya Bank Credit Card Customer Care Number is 1800 425 9992 for domestic customers. For international customers, the number is +91 80 25584066.

2. When is Vijaya Bank Credit Card Customer Care available?
Vijaya Bank Credit Card Customer Care is available 24/7, ensuring that you can seek assistance at any time.

3. What services can I avail through Vijaya Bank Credit Card Customer Care?
You can use the customer care number to inquire about your credit card balance, transaction details, report a lost or stolen card, request a card replacement, dispute unauthorized transactions, and get information about credit card statements.

4. How can I report a lost or stolen Vijaya Bank Credit Card?
To report a lost or stolen Vijaya Bank Credit Card, call the customer care number (1800 425 9992 or +91 80 25584066 for international customers) immediately. The customer care team will assist you in blocking the card and arranging for a replacement.

5. Can I check my credit card balance and recent transactions through this number?
Yes, you can. Vijaya Bank Credit Card Customer Care can provide information about your credit card balance and recent transactions, helping you manage your account effectively.

6. Do you have a specific hotline designated for customers calling from abroad?
Yes, there is a dedicated number for international customers, which is +91 80 25584066. If you are abroad and need assistance with your Vijaya Bank Credit Card, you can call this number.

7. Can I raise disputes about unauthorized transactions with Vijaya Bank Credit Card Customer Care?
Certainly. Should you notice any unfamiliar transactions on your credit card, it’s imperative to promptly reach out to Vijaya Bank Credit Card Customer Care. Their assistance is crucial in addressing and resolving any potential issues with disputed transactions.

8. Could you provide me with an email address to reach out to Vijaya Bank’s Credit Card Customer Care?
Vijaya Bank may provide an email address for non-urgent queries and requests. Please check the bank’s official website or contact Vijaya Bank directly for the most up-to-date email contact information.